Am I A Savage? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Personality Test

This test poses a simple question: Are you a savage?
It takes an exceptional person to attain the level of sociopathic behavior associated with real savages - but hey, you're up to the challenge, right?
Are you savage like a street dog or more like a truly bad person?

Find out now if you're a true savage, and if so, just how much of one you are!

  • 1/10
    How seriously do you take yourself?
    How seriously do you take yourself?

Comments (28)


166 days ago
This is nice and I actually get that im in the meh. I stand up for me and my friends while being extremely kind and generous.
179 days ago
Eh, in the middle. I honestly don't care if i'm being honest. Quizzes are sometimes not even accurate.. ๐Ÿฅฑ๐Ÿ™„
391 days ago
Don't you know i am a savage?
391 days ago
OUPS, hehe, not my fault
391 days ago
okay, so I'm a major savage hu? That's interresting, a savage cat
400 days ago
I am in da middle. Idk if I am a savage or not
451 days ago
Oh hell yeah it says Iโ€™m ๐Ÿฆ SAVAGE QUEEN !!!!!
523 days ago
it said that I'm a major savage who is living like a boss, haha, that's true I never listen to the person talking if it talking about boring things.
523 days ago
Self Explanatory 100% Manifestation of SAVAGE!!!!:>)
537 days ago
I got 50% savage and thatโ€™s great!
690 days ago
Why did it tag ;-; ;-; ;-;
690 days ago
e it said Iโ€™m savage lmao
708 days ago
bruh itz said imma savage boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
821 days ago
fun it all the comments crazy
975 days ago
lmao. the comments section are kinda cringy๐Ÿค 
983 days ago
im a savage. classy bogey ratchet
sassy moody nasty
1017 days ago
I'm more toxic then savage XD still a savage
1107 days ago
Ima total savage always will be
1152 days ago
1153 days ago
40%. Iโ€™m totally okay with that. I donโ€™t want to be a savage! Iโ€™m civilized.