Psychopath, Narcissist, Sociopath or Empath? test

Many people are one of these four personality types. Have you ever wondered which one you are? Basically, it comes down to what your thoughts are like. Take the quiz now and find out if you're a psychopath, a narcissist, a sociopath, an empath - or just normal. Test it now.

  • 1
    How would you define the term, "manipulation"?
  • 2
    What are your thoughts on stealing/killing?
  • 3
    How would you describe your feelings?

  • 4
    Would you rather die to protect your loved ones, or let your loved ones die for your survival?
  • 5
    How would you describe love?
  • 6
    Your pet dies - what are your thoughts?

  • 7
    You get stuck in an elevator with a group of friends. What would you do?
  • 8
    Would you go see a therapist or a psychologist?
  • 9
    What kind of issues do you have?
  • 10
    Which of these would you like to meet LEAST?

  • 11
    Would you ever intentionally hurt someone physically or emotionally?
  • 12
    Which of these emotions is strongest to you?
  • 13
    Do you drink alcohol?
  • 14
    Which of these do you think you are?
  • 15
    What would you think if you actually were one of the personalities I've been asking you about?

Comments (125)


635 days ago
80% sociopath
0 %empath

639 days ago
A psychopath and normal how tf?
641 days ago
20℅Empat h

641 days ago
33% Normal
27% Psychopath
27% Empath

Well, how do I explain this
649 days ago
A sociopath and psychopath are the same (sort of) a socio paths disorder was developed due to some sort of trauma later in life, a psychopath was born that way
658 days ago
53% Empath
27% Normal
20% Narcissist
rest 0%
661 days ago
Wat am i..
663 days ago
Psychopath........ Im a psychooath
664 days ago
I've always known I was a sociopath.
674 days ago
So i'm both normal AND a psychopath?
713 days ago
Stupid questions and multiple answers
726 days ago
53% sociopath
27% normal
13% psychopath
7% empath
0% narcissist

Happy days! Wanted psychopath but heck.. sociopath works for me. 🔪🤡
751 days ago
40% psychopath
27% normal
20% sociopath
7% narcissist
7% empath
761 days ago
I don’t mean to be looking for validation!! I just don’t want to be creepy. I can’t delete that comment anymore, if I offended anyone I’m sorry
778 days ago
Ppl desperately looking for validation in the comments, why don't you print off your results so you mother can hang it on the fridge?
785 days ago
I'm 14% not good... is it possible to gain more empathy?? because i feel so bad now. i don't want to be any part psychopathic or sociopathic. am i narcesistic? i now feel like i'm twisting my words
786 days ago
80% empath
7% psychopath
7% sociopath
7% normal
0% normal
i wish i wasn't any part psychopath. This makes me so worried >o
807 days ago
47% Empath
20% Narcissist
20% Normal
7% Psychopath
7% Sociopath
817 days ago
40% Sociopath
20% Narcissist
13% Psychopath
13% Normal
13% Empath
828 days ago
67% Narcissist
13% Sociopath
13% Normal
7% Psychopath
0% Empath

My only regret is that I'm not more narcissitic! My mind truly is a thing that transcends the boundaries of illusion and the concrete. One thing this quiz has over so many others is that the answers aren't OTT obvious and I can answer them without too many key terms skewing results. It isn't an easy feat to impress me with these quizzes.