Am I a Selfish Person? Quiz

Despite our best attempts at boosting our well being and that of our loved ones, we all have our greedy, self-centered moments.
This test will tell you whether you're a selfish person or not. Try it now!

  • 1
    If you bought a cake, would you share it with others?
    If you bought a cake, would you share it with others?
  • 2
    You are trapped in an elevator for six hours. You have one bottle of water. There is another person in the elevator with you. Do you let them have some of your water?
  • 3
    You have a million dollars. You can keep it all, give it all away to someone needy, or keep half and give the other half to a random person. What would you do?

  • 4
    You are asked, "Which is better - cartoons, live action, or anime?" Your answer?
  • 5
    How do spend your spare time?
  • 6
    When you're walking down the street, you see a child with his/her parents. They are asking people for money. They are wearing torn clothing, look very dirty, and are obviously in a bad way. You:

  • 7
    Would you rather:
  • 8
    You can only have one - which would you choose?
  • 9
    How do you reply when someone asks, "How are you?"
  • 10
    You are in the line at the grocery store with a cart full of items. Behind you is an obviously poor, elderly person who only has a couple of items. There is no express line. Do you?

Comments (10)


359 days ago
i actually think im kind of selfish
655 days ago
Yeah- 50% :)
I feel way more selfish tho :')
729 days ago
90% I am selfless this quiz was really awesome.😍😘🤗☺️
737 days ago
thank you for this - i often wonder if i’m really toxic to other people, (even though deep down i know that’s quite irrational) so i like to have reassurance that perhaps i’m not as bad as i think.
751 days ago
60% normal
769 days ago
80%... I should probably care but honestly I don’t
824 days ago
i got 70% normal, cool.
1160 days ago
60% selfish (message too short)
1338 days ago
I got selfish ;-;

1656 days ago
Really a good quiz.I got 70% normal