Am I Homophobic? Quiz

The whole world is talking about homophobia now - that is, when people are freaked out about those who identify as not straight/heterosexual/cisgender. You might have conflicting feelings about LGBTQ+ people being "out and proud," but does that actually make you homophobic? Here's a test that will help you find out how you feel about this often-controversial topic. Try it now to find out where you stand.

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    What pops into your mind when you pass a gay couple on the street?
    What pops into your mind when you pass a gay couple on the street?

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18 days ago

24 days ago
yes, i won. I Am Homophobic
68 days ago
It don't involve me, I don't really care what they do because it don't involve me, I just don't want them making out in front of me (I'd just say do that somewhere else)
83 days ago
YAY I WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
145 days ago
I'm lesbian just for fun (read in southern accent pls)
385 days ago
oh… i got homophobic
400 days ago
Why did I take this quiz I am literally dating a girl (and I am a girl too lol)
430 days ago
and now i have done it and i am not homophobic
430 days ago
i did this and got 100% homophobic (some of the answers were harsh and i didnt wanna click them) i did this as a joke and now i will do it fr
432 days ago
Why did i take this quiz i am the most gay person-
469 days ago
I wouldn't say I hate gay people, I don't really care for it, but I wouldn't attack them or anything like that. As someone who has a ton of gay friends, I know that they're normal people (rather than what some others apparently believe). My parents are homophobic but supportive nonetheless, and I guess I got my beliefs from them. There was maybe ONE instance where I questioned my sexuality, but I'm confident I'm straight. What I've previously seen on the hub also scared me away from homosexuality. It's hard for me to take the LGBTQ community itself seriously, but I would never go out of my way to hate on someone. It isn't worth it. You do you, I'll do me. Just know that if you try to shove your beliefs down my throat, don't expect not to be shoved back. Thanks for listening to my TED talk. :)
483 days ago
Just want to point out it is biologically normal and SWAAAAAGGGGGGGG (secretly we are all gay)
483 days ago
As a Christian I do not like gay, trans, or what ever else I can't think of, but that doesn't mean that we have any right to cause mental, physical, or emotional trauma to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Sorry but this sort of stuff just grosses me out (-_-)
498 days ago
Why did i even take this quiz im gay
512 days ago
You're most likely not homophobic at all. You support the LGBTQ+ community and stand with them on all rights issues. You believe it's the humane thing to do when people come out, because they can show who they truly are.

To be honest I grew up in a country called the most homophobic country in the world , I have homophobes for parents, friends , neighbors , church members etc , our news talked about them with hatred .

I resisted my gay self so hard that I tried to pray the gay away. It all changed when I first read boy's love.

What's wrong in two people being together? Nothing ! Although I am not proud of how gay love have turned a bit .... 😂😂😂

But I am happy now.. I am no longer an homophobe ... It was a long journey and sometimes I get scared I am doing something wrong but ..

I am proud to be Bisexual and an ally
513 days ago
None of the options for question 4 apply to me lol.
524 days ago
I'm Bi I just wanted to catch haters :D
527 days ago
Okie so about the 😍thing 🤮
I don't think that being trans, lesbian, gay, bi etc. is disgusting, I just hate 😍as u can see in my name, so I hate even the hetero 😍🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
528 days ago
Lol why the hell did I take this test i’m one of the most anti gay people out there even though I don’t believe in taking out rage on them they can get the hell away from me :p
532 days ago
Ready for your result? You're homophobic. You don't accept relationships that aren't between a male and a female. You don't believe in gay rights or gay marriage. To you, it's all disgusting nonsense. That's sad. Please, if you can't be supportive or neutral, at least don't do LGBTQ+ people any harm.