Kind hearted test

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In this test you're going to find out, how kind hearted you are. If your results are that you are a heartless little brat..Don't worry I'm too😝

  • 1
    Do you like helping others?
  • 2
    If a new kid comes to your school and they are older than you but go to a lower class(take in mind that they're coming from a country which has war)
  • 3
    If somebody that has done shit to you in the past, comes and reaches up for help.I...

  • 4
    When you see a friend of yours slowly but surely becoming a thot you..
  • 5
    An annoying kid comes to you and tells you to sit with you on the bus
  • 6
    Your 2 best friends are now a couple.After a while your guy friend (because STEREOTYPES)breaks up with your friend.

  • 7
    You found out that your best friend has a crush on YOIUR crush..You....
  • 8
    Just a quick question

    Would you like to change the world
  • 9
    Sb from a lower class confesses their love about you
  • 10
    Do you enjoy this test so far?

  • 11
    When you see someone getting bullied .
  • 12
    You see a girl crying in the hallways
  • 13
    Your ex is talking shit about you after you broke up with him because he was clingy and childish.
  • 14
    A kid in your class is struggling with homework
  • 15
    Your friend just told you that they don't want to be friends with you anymore because you're not popular you..

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