Am I A Perfectionist?

Perfectionists will try to improve themselves and their work constantly to try and reach the high standard they set for themselves. Some may say they try too hard. Others are impressed by their work ethic.
But this attitude can often cause them to get less done than a person who does not strive for perfection all the time.
In this test, you can find out if and how much your life is determined by the pursuit of perfection and whether it's healthy or not.

Hint: Don't overthink the test 😉

  • 1
    I love order to the smallest detail, everything must have its fixed place.
    I love order to the smallest detail, everything must have its fixed place.
  • 2
    Relatives and friends think I am a perfectionist.
  • 3
    I judge myself even for small mistakes.

  • 4
    I often compare myself to others and feel inferior to them.
  • 5
    Many people cannot do things right in my eyes. That's why I prefer to work alone.
  • 6
    Small mistakes or mishaps stay on my mind for days.

  • 7
    My parents had / have high expectations of me.
  • 8
    When others criticize me, I easily feel attacked.
  • 9
    Even when others praise me for my performance/work, I still see some things I could improve.
  • 10
    If I perform poorly, I worry that others will reject me.

  • 11
    I get annoyed when I can't do everything according to my expectations.
  • 12
    I feel tense due to upcoming tasks / work and feel an inner restlessness.
  • 13
    I feel that an average performance is a failure.
  • 14
    I delegate tasks to others if I cannot complete them on time.
  • 15
    I always expect the maximum performance from myself, and expect the same from other people.

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