How ethical are you?
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How ethical are you?

Many people claim that they are the ultimate angel. Do you do what's right whether or not somebody's watching? Take this quiz to find out if you are as ethical as everyone thinks you are.

Question 1:A blind man drops his wallet on the sidewalk and you notice that no one is assisting him in retrieving it. What would you do?
Walk away
Point to it and expect him to notice
Tell the man where on the sidewalk the wallet is and walk away
Pick the wallet up for the man and hand it to him

Question 2:Someone at your job is fired and they claim that they are coming back later in the day for revenge. What would you do?
Tell your supervisor and everyone else of their intentions and warn them to leave the building before they return
Decide that you are also fed up with your workplace and join them
Tell the person you know somebody that can hook them up with the right weapons to take them out if need be
Call the police
Ignore it, they're not serious

Question 3:There is a person with car trouble on the side of the road, but you're on your way to an important engagement. What would you do?
Stop and see if you can help resolve the dilemma
Stop and give them directions to the best mechanic in town and let the next driver pick them up
Stop and offer the person a ride to the nearest service station
Keep driving......nobody's ever stopped for me before
Offer your cell phone to call a tow truck for $50.00 a minute

Question 4:new neighbors have moved in next door, and they discover that the previous occupants didn't terminate their cable service. What would you do?
Who cares? It's none of my business
Tell them that if they don't report it, you will
Tell them you won't report it if they let you tap into their cable and you both pay half
Say that you just happen to work for the cable company and you won't tell if he doesn't

Question 5:In the middle of the night, you come to a stoplight, and no one else is at the intersection. You.........
Wait until it turns green like the average moron would
Hey, it's the middle of the night and I'm tired. Running one stoplight won't hurt
Write a letter to the town to have the stoplights idle at yellow all night in case you pass through again
Stop on the road sensor and give the light 5 seconds to turn green, then run through it

Question 6:Here' the famous job interview question: Say that you've been in trouble with the law for dope possession, what would you say if this subject was brought up by your potential employer?
I didn't inhale
Uhhh.......I don't ever remember going to jail
Yeah I smoked it, and I'll smoke you if you ask me again!
I made a mistake, but now I'm clean and sober.......(yeah, right!)

Question 7:Your partner has gained a tremendous amount of weight, and she has the nerve to say, 'I'm the same weight as I was in high school.' What reply would you give?
Yeah, if you add up all four years!
But back them you had a thyroid problem
I know, and you're still just as sexy!
You could still stand to lose a few pounds
Many celebrities have been fired from their jobs for being so big, I don't want you to be the next!

Question 8:You're at a friend's house playing with their dog, and just like a clutz, knock over a shelf while your friend is out of the room. As a result, you destroy a crystal glass coffee table upon knocking the shelf over. You tell your friend......
'The dog leaped at me, and missed'
'Did you know that you have ghosts?'
'An earthquake shaked only this room, and turned over the shelf'
'I'll pay half, but the dog will have to pay the other half'
'I apologize for breaking the table'

Question 9:When you go through a drive-thru restaurant, you realize you've been given the wrong order. What would you do?
Go back inside and get the right order in addition to your wrong order
Keep driving and eat the order anyway
Go off on the staff and tell them that their service stinks
Politely go inside, ask for the right order, and return the wrong order (only if it were that easy)

Question 10:It's exam time, and your teacher steps out of the room and accidentally leaves the answer key on his/her desk. Do you...........
Sell each answer for $5 apiece
Leave it alone and earn your grade
Are you kidding! What idiot would just leave an easy 'A' just sitting there?
Hold on to the answer key and give it back for a fee
Blackmail the teahcer into giving everybody at least a 'B'

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