A Motivation Quiz
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A Motivation Quiz

Are you one of life's go-getters, or are you gathering dust? Take the quiz and see!

Question 1:When you alarm clock goes off in the morning, do you
Jump out of bed immediately and go for a 5 mile jog
Take a few minutes to rise but feel invigorated after a shower
Press the snooze button and get an extra 10 minutes in bed
What's an alarm clock?

Question 2:On a normal work day, do you
Arrive long before everyone else and get straight down to work
Arrive 5 minutes early in order to get organised for the day ahead
Saunter in at the last minute and spend the first 10 minutes chatting and drinking coffee
Arrive 10 minutes late and spend the whole morning slumped over your desk, yawning

Question 3:Which of these best describes your feelings about your job?
I live for work and want to spend every minute I can there
I enjoy my job and do my best every day
I work because I need the money but I feel I do a good job
It interferes with my sofa time

Question 4:You have visitors coming to your house. Do you
Spend two days cleaning the house from top to bottom until you see your face in every surface
Clean the kitchen and bathroom and tidy the living room
Do a quick 10 minute sweep of the house and leave it at that
Close the kitchen door, close the bathroom door, and don't let the visitors into the living room

Question 5:You decide you are not happy in your job. Do you
Decide what you want to do and pursue it relentlessly
Refresh your cv and start applying for jobs in the local paper
Read the newspaper job section every week
Slump over your desk and chant - I hate this job, I hate this job

Question 6:You decide you are not happy in your relationship. Do you
Make an immediate clean break and disappear to another country in search of your true love
Break it gently and move out
Talk things over and decide on a trial separation
Send him on a night out and hope he doesn't bother coming back

Question 7:You want to be financially secure. You will achieve this by
Investing money in stocks and shares, constantly moving it to gain the most benefit
Investing long term in a high interest savings account
Putting a few pounds in a savings account every month
Being frugal with electricity (not using the vacuum cleaner, iron . . )

Question 8:You finish your Christmas shopping -
By the end of November everything is wrapped, labelled and covered in shiny bows and ribbons
Mid December and have it all wrapped and ready by Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve - better late than never!
I don't bother, I just wrap things I find lying around the house

Question 9:You realise you are not as fit as you could be. Do you
Join a gym and do 2 hours every morning before work
Join a gym and make sure you go at least twice a week
Buy an exercise video and do some home exercises twice a week
Lie on the sofa and watch an exercise video whilst eating pizza

Question 10:You're buying a new house. What do you look for?
A bargain priced building that needs a lot of work - you can't wait to get started on creating your own home
A not so perfect house that requires a little work - you like to add your own touch
Something that only needs minor changes such as wallpaper and carpets
I'm willing to put up a coat hook

This Quiz has been designed by Caroline.