Are You a Muse or Amused?
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Are You a Muse or Amused?

Does your communication and thinking style attract others? Is boredom unknown to you? Do you give to, need from or brainstorm ideas with others? Let's see.....

Question 1:Do you meet and talk with people everywhere you go, strangers or friends?
Occasionally, if I'm feeling friendly.
Never, it's too dangerous to talk to strangers.

Question 2:Do you feel that there is a 'right' way and 'wrong' way of thinking and/or doing everything?
Yes, of course!
Never, choices should be made the opposite of standard thought!
Careful thought first is always best, methods can vary depending on circumstances.

Question 3:Do you laugh out loud, alone and with others often?
If the social situation is right.
Often, laughter alone and with others is pleasurable and healthy!
Rarely, laughter can be so disclosing!

Question 4:Ideas are best found:
Within yourself.
In proven historic recorded thought.
By talking with others and discussing thoughts.

Question 5:Do you read or prefer movies and TV?
All mediums have their merits and downfalls.
TV, where facts are shared in a short amount of time.
Movies, where total mental immersion is possible.

Question 6:Do you get bored when you have no specific plans?
A little, sometimes.
Yes, action plans are great!
Never, bordom is a personal creation.

Question 7:Are you one to 'invent' new solutions to problems?
Sometimes, a fresh look at a situation is a good thing!
No, tried and true solutions to problems are the best.
New solutions sometimes fit. Tried and true solutions sometimes fit.

Question 8:I view art, literature and music as:
Nice, pleasant pass times.
Necessary for balancing life.

Question 9:Sharing ideas, conversations and smiles with others:
Takes too much time in my busy schedule.
Is fine, when it is the right place and time.
Makes me feel connected with life.

Question 10:Do you best describe yourself?
Careful, thoughtful and cautious!
Optimistic and move forward style of thinking!
Comfortable out of the way and lime-light!

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