Are you good at giving advice?
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Are you good at giving advice?

Do people always ask you for your opinion when they're feeling low? When they do, do you give them the right advice?

Question 1:Your best friend gets dumped by her boyfriend and comes to you upset. What do you tell her?
Forget that loser!! Didn't you say he smelled bad?
Do you have any laxatives? I'm going to go spike that jerk's Coke!
Don't worry about it!! You're a great person and you do so much better than him!
There are other fish in the sea...You'll get over him eventually.

Question 2:A friend tells you she has been experimenting with ecstasy and other drugs lately. She's discovered she's hooked and needs help. What do you say?
You IDIOT!!! what are you THINKING?????
Why are you doing this? You're hurting yourself.
Don't you remember the Just Say No program???
I'm sorry, but I'm telling your parents. We'll work through this together!

Question 3:Your friend's parents are getting a divorce and your friend is majorly bummed. What do you tell her to comfort her?
You're parents will be happier like this. Isn't their happiness important to you?
Hey-chill out! You'll get twice the presents at Christmas!
It seems bad right now, but it'll get better. Your parents won't be fighting all the time.
It seems awful right now, but eventually it'll stop hurting. Don't forget I'm always here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Question 4:Your friend tells you in confidence that her boyfriend hits her. She's scared to leave him.What do you say?
Leave that sack of scum in the mud. You can do so much better!
Break up with him gently and tell him he scares you.. Then get a restraining order.
Take him for a drive on the interstate and push him out of the car into the emergency lane. Yell out the window Buh-bye loser!!
Dump him over the phone and change your number and consider moving.

Question 5: A guy at school totally likes you. The thing is, you don't like him in return...How do you break it to him?
Look lamebrain..stop stalking me!!!
I value our friendship too much to risk losing it over a relationship.
I'm sorry, I just don't feel that way about you.
Sorry....I' someone else....umm....from another school....

Question 6:Your sister comes home with an awesome new pair of shoes!! You spot the price tag and your jaw drops...How did she afford them?? You think she stole them...she doesn't have that cash.. How do you ask her???
You don't... She's messing up her life, not yours.
Did you steal these?
Wow, these are great! They must have cost a fortune! How on earth did you afford them?!
Were these on sale, cuz they're sorta expensive?

Question 7:Your best friend's parents hate her boyfriend and forbid her to date him. She really cares for him though and asks your advice. You say....
Just climb out your window and meet him. They'll never know!
I think I'm going to stay out of this. I can't take sides.
I don't know- I can see both sides of the arguement...
You should ask your parents why they hate him. Then, you can discuss how to fix it.

Question 8:Your friend forgets to study for her Latin test and decides to skip class. What do you say?
Go home sick. You can't get in trouble for that and your parents won't be worried.
When are you leaving? I'm coming, too!
Just stay. I'll help you study during lunch.
It's only a quiz. It doesn't count that much. Just guess!!

Question 9:Your friend's breath smells really nasty today. Your other friends elected you to tell her. How do you do it?
Ever heard of TicTacs? Your breath is making flowers wilt.
I'm going to have a piece of gum. Want one?
Maybe you should try skipping the garlic tomorrow.
Umm...I feel awful telling you this, but I would rather tell you than have some jerk tell you, but your breath is kind of bad.

Question 10:Your friend has a big date tonight and the clothes she put on are too big for her and very ugly. She asks what you think of her outfit and you say...
Woa! Someone got smacked by the ugly fairy!
Umm... why don't you try on my black skirt and gray sweater?
Umm...aren't they sort of....big?
Well, to be truthful, I can't see the fashion in it...I don't want to hurt you, but you usually look so pretty..

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