Are you really who you play yourself out to be?
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Are you really who you play yourself out to be?

Do people see the real you? Or do they see the act that you put up?

Question 1:When you go out to a party, which would you most likely wear?
The tightest and shortest dress, you need to find a guy to take home with you.
Whatever's lying on the floor.
The outfit you thought to yourself 'I have to wear this...' as soon as you saw it.
Jeans with a hole and an old shirt with paint all over it.

Question 2:When someone asks you what your favorite song is, you tell them:
The most popular song as the time.
The song that everyone has in the back of their heads.
The song you think they would like.
The song that pumps you up everytime you hear it.

Question 3:You are asked to write a paper about the most popular and best looking trend of the year. Which would you write about?
The trend voted the most in Cosmo.
The trend that catches your eye and would have no problem wearing to a high-class place.
The trend all of your friends 'must wear'.

Question 4:You go out for lunch with a group of co-workers. All the others order a coffee with sugar, but coffee is not your favorite beverage. You:
Order a milkshake, vanilla, your favorite, of course.
Order a coffee with sugar, you don't want to stand out.
Order a coffe with sugar, but just sip it so it looks like you're enjoying it.

Question 5:The new color of the fashion year is baby blue, and you really don't like the color yourself, but everyone who is anyone is wearing it. You go the department store and leave with:
The most beautiful color of baby blue sweater there is.
A blouse with a baby blue sweater vest for over top.
A deep pink (or you favorite color), a personal fave of yours.

Question 6:All of your friends are using the new internet server, but you have found one cheaper. You go with:
The one all your friends have, of course.
Neither, it's all too hard on deciding.
The cheaper one.

Question 7:Your favorite football team is playing against all your friends' favorite team. You're all watching the game together, and all of a sudden your favorite teams scores a touchdown. You:
Sit quietly and give off a smirk.
Act as if you're mad.
Jump up and down and yell, who cares if they like it?

Question 8:A few new movies come out and you really want to see a special one, even though the reviews aren't that good. You:
See another one, you don't want to risk it.
Go see it anyways, they may be wrong or have bad taste.
Stay home on the couch and order a pay-per-view.

Question 9:The new and 'great' video game is out, and everyone is buying it, but you can't afford it. You:
Buy it anyways, that's what a credit card's for, right?
Go to the store and steal it, how else do they expect you to get it?
Buy one similar like it or save up.

Question 10:You're having a baby but you're having a hard time picking out the perfect name. You:
Pick the most popular name of the year, even if it's not your favorite.
Ask friends for advice and pick the one that catches you eye.
Pick the first name suggested, like it or not.

Question 11:Many of your friends are sporting around those high-heel, up to your knee boots, but they really hurt your feet. When you go clubbing, you wear:
Those high-heel, up to your knee boots you just bought.
The shoes you only wear on last resort.
The most comfy dancing shoes you own.

Question 12:Everyone in your family has just met your 'other half', but by the looks on their faces you don't think you could expect them at the wedding. You:
Dump him on the spot, if your family disapproves, he's out.
don't care what they think, it's you and him, not you guys and your family.
Don't take him to any family gatherings, you don't want to feel embarassed.

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