The Meaning of Life (and other questions of equal relevance)
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The Meaning of Life (and other questions of equal relevance)

How well do you know yourself? This quiz looks at several different aspects of who you are that don't often come into play, but mean just as much as the stuff everybody else knows about you.

Question 1:Right before you fall asleep, the last thing on your mind is
all the stuff you'll have to do when you wake up
your significant other
swirling colors and shapes set to your favorite music
oh jeez, what if there's a big hairy spider in my sheets!?!

Question 2:If you lose you keys, you first blame
your younger sibling
that 6th burrito must have made your mind kinda slippery

Question 3:Cooking only for yourself, you would most often eat
frozen TV dinners/microwavable junk
ramen noodles and hot dogs
pasta or something a little fancier

Question 4:In your future living room, the floor
is hardwood or cement without rugs
is hardwood or cement with rugs
has wall-to-wall soft carpeting
is technicolor shag

Question 5:The best way to drink water is
who drinks water?
in a plain ol' glass or plastic cup
from the hose
from a crystal goblet

Question 6:In a band, you would be
the bass player
the drummer
the guitar player
the singer

Question 7:The ultimate first date would be
fast food, a movie, and some necking
decent restaurant, bowling, and some necking
ritzy restaurant, paintballing, and some necking
your apartment, your cooking, a rented movie, and some snuggling

Question 8:The best name for a pet skunk would be
Smelly Piece of Mammal
Buford the Wonder Skunk

Question 9:If something of yours breaks, you
just throw it away
pout, then throw it away
attempt to fix it
do everything possible to fix it

Question 10:If you break something of someone else's, you
feel horrible, but hope they forget you had it
hide the evidence, (in the trash can, for instance)
attempt to fix it
do everything possible to fix it

Question 11:How often do you clip your toenails?
every once in a while
when they get unruly
who keeps track of that sort of thing?

Question 12:How often do you take tests like this?
every once in a while
when I get bored
pretty often, since I'm trying to figure myself out

Question 13:Have you ever held a conversation with the bathroom mirror?
no. never.
yes, but don't tell anyone
of course!
just when I need intelligent conversation

Question 14:Which toy would you most associate yourself with?
video game
a doll or action figure
a stuffed penguin

Question 15:The meaning of life is

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