Are You A Hardy Boy (or Girl)?
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Are You A Hardy Boy (or Girl)?

Have you ever thought you could be Frank or Joe? Wondered how well you would fit into Bayport? Come to the conclusion that you MUST be a clone? Take this test to find out just how 'Hardy' you really are!

Question 1:Have you ever solved a mystery?
Yes - The Mystery of the Missing Sock (Pen, Book, etc.)
Of course! I'm a famous amateur slueth!

Question 2:How many foreign countries have you visited?
Less than 5
Less than 20
Too many to count
I've even visited some that don't really exist!

Question 3:What kind of roads do you travel on the most?
I don't drive
Straight & wide, with lots of traffic lights
Shortcuts deep in the woods
Mountain wall on one side, steep drop-off with low guard rails on the other, extremely narrow and winding

Question 4:Have you ever exchanged a knowing glance with someone?
A few times
All the time, with many people
All the time, only with my brother

Question 5:My mother...
Constantly watches (watched) my every move & has (had) a million unbreakable rules
Gives (gave) me the freedom to do most things I want (wanted) to, but has (had) several firm rules
Worries (worried) about me, but lets (let) me risk my life all the time

Question 6:Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
Once, it was an accident
Once, it was not an accident
More than once, all were accidents
More than once, none were accidents

Question 7:To help you out, your friends would be willing to...
Get in trouble with their parents
Be kidnapped
Risk their lives
All of the above
None of the above

Question 8:Have you ever been given secret information or special priveledges because someone knew your father?
People have offered, but I don't take them up on it
Yes, on a few occasion’s
I take advantage of his international fame & numerous old friends all the time

Question 9:How often did you attend your high school?
Every day
Most days, though I skipped a few
I was too busy to go much, unless something suspicious was happening there
I didn't go much, mainly because I was always on summer vacation

Question 10:Do you have a domineering, interfering relative who is always criticizing you & telling you what to do?
Yes, someone other than my aunt
Yes, my aunt, but she doesn't live here
Yes, my aunt, and she lives here

Question 11:Which of the following describes you?
I can speak more than one language
I have skills in piloting airplanes, boats, race cars, etc.
I have a great memory for obscure knowledge and trivia
More than one of the above
None of the above

Question 12:Are you a teenager?
Not yet
Not anymore
I will always be one, no matter how old I get!

This Quiz has been designed by Nancy Hardy.