Are you popular or not?
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Are you popular or not?

For girls only! (up to middle school). Find out if you're really popular or not!

Question 1:Your teacher says that tomorrow is a day where all the students are encouraged to wear the school colors because the whole grade was going to a field trip. What would you wear?
I wouldn't care if I wore school colors or not
I would dress really wacky and definitely wear the school colors! Maybe even buy new clothes!
I would hopefully get something decent to wear, but not really care about school colors
Pick out an outfit so I could be dressed in the school colors!

Question 2:Do you consider yourself popular?
Not exactly, but I like to look good!
Sure, I guess! I hang out with popular people!
Totally Popular! Duh!
No, and I don't care either.

Question 3:Your good friend is ignoring you. What do you do?
Try to fix the problem. No one likes to lose good friends!
Know that you didn't do anything wrong and ignore her back. Try to find out why she's being such a brat!
Feel really sad. You've already lost a lot of friends. You have to talk to her and find out why to fix the problem!
Talk to her and see what's wrong. Maybe I did something to bother her.

Question 4:PRETEND that you REALLY, REALLY REALLY like beans. Everyone at school thinks they make you fart! What would you do if you were forced to eat them as a lunch at school with all your friends watching you. What would you do?
Well, I would be a little embarrassed, and would kinda hide them, but eat them anyhow!
Well, of course no one else was eating them, I wouldn't either!
I would NEVER let anyone see me eat them! I'd say it's disgusting and throw them out, even though the truth is I loved them!
If I loved beans, I'd eat them whenever I wanted and wouldn't care! It's just normal food!

Question 5:What do you do during a boring class?
Do something to entertain myself of course
Pass notes to all my best friends! Also, talk with all the guys!
Try to talk to someone that's a friend
Just wait until it's over or maybe doodle or something.

Question 6:Everyone's talking and buying pop after school in the hall. What do you do?
Get my bookbag and go home. Maybe chat with a couple friends on the way to my bus.
Hang out with all the popular people until it's time to go!
Do the usual, just talk with people and leave when I'm done!
Flirt with all the guys of course! Also, with my best girlfriends!

Question 7:Do popular people talk to you?
Only when they need the answer to a question, or to borrow a pencil!
i AM popular! And yes, all my friends talk to me!
Well, sometimes. About school stuff though.
Sure! My friends are popular, but when I think about it, they kinda ignore me sometimes.

Question 8:How many friends do you have?
Pretty much a lot! Though, not all of them like me.
Not that many actually. I only talk to my really good friends.
I would say... A LOT. We all love to go shopping and stuff.
A good amount, but they're not all my best best best friends. It's ok, though, I'm happy.

Question 9:Do you ever get compliments on clothes or hair?
I look ok most of the time, but not really
Definitely. A lot of people love the way I dress!
My clothes are ok. I do get compliments sometimes.
Not really! Who cares anyway?!?!

Question 10:What would you rather do?
Wherever my friends wanna go
The mall to go shopping with all my friends and buy clothes
Six Flags probably, that's fun
Hang out with my friends somewhere, it doesn't matter

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