Are You Popular?
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Are You Popular?

Or are people just being nice to you? Are they just plain ignoring you? Find out here.

Question 1:   When you go to school, how many people say hi to you?
at least 10
15 to 30
Oh about,200? (in other words, everyone)

Question 2:   How many people talk to you at lunch?
Like I said, everyone. Is that so hard to understand?
1 or 2.Only to say "That's my seat"
all my friends
Everyone that was in my last class

Question 3:   How do people smile at you?
They don't
a nice normal smile
A pleez-o-pleez be my friend smile
A fake one

Question 4:   What type of people hang out with you?
Only the popular ones make it past my boyfriend
easy-going people
the people that always have something else to do
my sister. a social outkast

Question 5:   What type of person are you most likely to be?
a psycho, insane person
I don't care, as long as I'm hot
a sports player
a news person that everyone wants to get fired

Question 6:   How does your parents describe you?
friendly and loyal
A perfect angel with a drinking problem
a classic "Why can't be more like your sister" case
needs more time to develop

Question 7:   What types of parties are you invited to?
All of them
A lot, but i only go to my friends
I've been invited to 2 in my whole life
A couple

Question 8:   How many days of the week are you busy?
About 5, including weekends
All 9. I mean 7. Or it 8?
about 2
I'm never busy

Question 9:   How many guys have asked you out?
5 times in 6th and 7th grades
Hmmmm. I got lost after 109.
1. But he was 50.
at least 20

Question 10:   How many people hate you?
What? Everyone loves me
I don't think anybody knows I exist.
Hey, u can't win them all over.
I don't know.

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