How unpopular are you? Quiz

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A parody on all the 'How popular are you?' quizzes. For high-school girls.

  • 1
    How many friends do you have?
  • 2
    What do you think about the popular kids?
  • 3
    Which one best describes you?

  • 4
    Which one would best suit your boyfriend/girlfriend? (if you don't have one, pick the most likely one).
  • 5
    You go to a disco/social. What are you doing?
  • 6
    What couldn't you live without?

  • 7
    Pick an item of clothing.
  • 8
    What do you do on weekends?
  • 9
    What is your general outlook on life?
  • 10
    SO, what do you think your results will be?

Comments (14)


223 days ago
I got 80 percent unpopular. I know. Here are things about me.

I wear cardigans to school and so do the popular girls but they look quote on quote "Stupid on you".
I got sad the other day coz my mum wanted me to invite "friends over" and she wouldn't let me go to the library.
Some girls in my class stole my glasses once and broke them.
I have 2 friends
I am a nerd
396 days ago
how many can you name?
689 days ago
i know im not popular and i dont have close friends at my school. this is fun :( i honestly feel like maybe the popular girls are jealous of me because im kinda pretty. no im not that weird girl who thinks they r so amazing but not. i dress exactly like the popular girls and they still dont like me. its probably bc im boring to talk to. im nice tho :)
755 days ago
I'm like the popular unpopular person (everyone knows me and were friends, but no one invites me over, or sits with me at lunch)
959 days ago
Here's some facts about me:
1)Popular kids don't like me.
2)I have a decent amount of friends, but they're not close.
3)A popular kid once told me I was ugly and that my clothes was ugly.
4)Lots of adults tell me I'm beautiful and a few of my friends told me I was too.
5)I like wearing skirts/dresses and makeup.
6)Most of my friends aren't that popular.
7)I secretly don't like some of my friends that are unpopular.
8)I took a lot of beauty tests on here and it told me I was 7-8 on a scale of 1-10
9)I have big 💋, but some people don't like my 💋.
10) Questions: How beautiful am I? Am I unpopular?
1374 days ago
I cry alot in my bed cause i belive im losing a best freind. We barely talk. Also no one notices me at school. Sometimes the popular girl will be nice to me but its not real. Also if i do loose all my freindships im done with life.
1475 days ago
got 40% unpopular so im 60% popular so ya.....
1483 days ago
I got 70% unpopular. :)
1500 days ago
………………………………… …
1720 days ago
This quiz is for women.
1742 days ago
Im...... dont talk about it plaese
1770 days ago
I'm mostly unpopular so mostly I suffer.....
1837 days ago
Yeah I am popular how couldn't I be iam beautiful I wear fancy clothes and have great grades.Duh
1864 days ago
What the who ever made this quiz is brainless! Your quiz is completely wrong!