How Popular Am I, Really?🥳

Just like you can never be sure exactly what you seem like to others, no one can ever be sure how popular they are in the real world. Maybe you are really popular, but people don't want to admit it, or maybe you are not popular at all. Take the popularity test to find out - it's just for fun, anyway...XOXO. Please don't judge yourself on your result...I don't even know you!:-)

  • 1
    What is your friend circle?
    What is your friend circle?
  • 2
    Are you:
  • 3
    How smart are you?

  • 4
    Do you have a subject you're exceptional at?
  • 5
    Do people ever compliment your intelligence?
  • 6
    Do people ever compliment your artistic skills?

  • 7
    OK, halfway finished. Do people tease you?
  • 8
    Do you play sport for a team?
  • 9
    Are you good at singing or playing an instrument?
  • 10
    Are you known outside your year?

  • 11
    Are you going out with anybody?
  • 12
    Does anyone stare at or fancy you?
  • 13
    Last question. When making an achievement, what sort of applause do you get?

Comments (83)


636 days ago
I got average- I was kinda expecting that though 🤣
640 days ago
I think the best one is the popular enough answer because you are popular and you have a free life. for me i am very well know and the guys keep staring but never asking me out. #qirkyPOPULARLI4E
652 days ago
I'm the average person
720 days ago
I'm very popular 😂 😆 lol
731 days ago
lmao, i actually got "stalked" by my friend's friend's friend group. im in 7th, and they're in 8th, and they picked a target each week at the start of the school year and just stalked them. they told me afterwards, i was kinds weirded out haha.
736 days ago
I got “You're the average person! Not unpopular, but not popular either” Idk if this is good or bad tbh. I guess this is somewhat ok since I’m in the middle.
757 days ago
Ready to find out how popular you actually are? You're in a good space. Popular enough, but not being stalked every second. Enjoy life freely! Because there's nothing worse than not getting your "me" time. Hehehe! Seems like your life is pretty good, at least socially.
770 days ago
I meant sh** not 💝 bruh
770 days ago
I feel like people only compliment me to please me =/ like I’m rubbish at art and all but people always give me compliments, as if they didn’t dare to say I was 🌻
770 days ago
Yup im popular ;) Not to brag or anything lol
775 days ago
But im a weeb and love anime so yep
775 days ago
Im like 3 most popular in my school(:
780 days ago
like only gurlz r doing this test lmao
784 days ago
i've been always told i am very beautiful and I think so too, (yall all beautiful) but like I'm the quiet kid ;-; I don't know how to start a conversation or make friends cause everyone in my school are bad kids
795 days ago
It said I’m popular enough! I’m happy about that- Although....ppl say I’m really popular for my curly hair 👁👄👁
810 days ago
I’m not popular. I’m sad😭
826 days ago
Everyone in the comments took this so seriously lmao. This isn’t even that accurate tbh. One of the questions I had to put a random answer because my answer wasn’t even there bahaha. Stop freaking out lmfao
826 days ago
Jesus everyone in the comments be saying they’re already popular. Well if ya wanna gloat about it, do it in your school, then we’ll see how popular you are after.
838 days ago
Pathetic, I’m as unpopular as it gets
863 days ago
I got lame. I dont have a lot of friends anyways. A lot of boys stare at me though). I only took this quiz because someone who hates me wants me to screen shot my answer. A lot of people are amused by my back tucks aerials and backhandsprings though. I think it is because im still in Elemenary school. A lot of people dont like me because i have heart surgeries a lot