How Popular Am I, Really?🥳

Just like you can never be sure exactly what you seem like to others, no one can ever be sure how popular they are in the real world. Maybe you are really popular, but people don't want to admit it, or maybe you are not popular at all. Take the popularity test to find out - it's just for fun, anyway...XOXO. Please don't judge yourself on your result...I don't even know you!:-)

  • 1
    What is your friend circle?
    What is your friend circle?
  • 2
    Are you:
  • 3
    How smart are you?

  • 4
    Do you have a subject you're exceptional at?
  • 5
    Do people ever compliment your intelligence?
  • 6
    Do people ever compliment your artistic skills?

  • 7
    OK, halfway finished. Do people tease you?
  • 8
    Do you play sport for a team?
  • 9
    Are you good at singing or playing an instrument?
  • 10
    Are you known outside your year?

  • 11
    Are you going out with anybody?
  • 12
    Does anyone stare at or fancy you?
  • 13
    Last question. When making an achievement, what sort of applause do you get?

Comments (83)


1062 days ago
I am in the middle soo true alot of people like me but im not popular good with me
1079 days ago
When I saw the artist's one, I had this smug grin because I get told about 3 times a day that my art is good ( If people CAN actually get a look at it ).
2057 days ago
I'm popular but I'm not being stocked every second! That was back in 5th grade! The guy was to absessed with me and it creeper me the hell out!! Lol😂😎
2079 days ago
Hell yeah I'm popular!!!!!! Whohoooooo!!!!! Oh yeah baby!
2079 days ago
I'm not the brightest so thank god I'm popular😉!!
2130 days ago
ok now i'm popular but i don;t hang out with lots of people but lots of people want to be me.I got that i'm popular
2176 days ago
hell yeah im popular
2178 days ago
OMG i am acctually POPULAR!!!!! so yeah um gotta go and show off
2283 days ago
Okay, let's be honest, every1.
WHY are we taking a QUIZ on popularity? I CAN TELL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY THEY ARE- IN THEIR OWN WAY. You don't need to take a quiz because you want to judge yourself, or see if you are really "popular."

there is a really meaningful quote i have in my bedroom:

Weak people have revenge
Strong people forgive
Intelligent people ignore

which one are you?
2350 days ago
It was terrible but speaks the truth
2388 days ago
I loved the test but how do you get the results???:)
2414 days ago
I liked it a lil? Hehe
2414 days ago
This test wase't that bad I mean
just kidding
2427 days ago
gigabyte_sec, I am so with u.
2457 days ago
I'm average according to this quiz but that isn't it at all I'm actually really popular
2466 days ago
I got 50/50
I wanna be more popular:-(
2496 days ago
I got a good score lol
But I don't care
I'm a shadow lol
2516 days ago
LOL it says in popular but the more friends I make the more enemy's I might have.... *snort* LOL no way I'm popular in from ALABAMA! I have a weird country accent and everything this quiz is NOT correct!
2528 days ago
your popularity doesnt depend on how good are you in maths,grades or if you play an instrument,you can also be popular but have two friends.this quiz doesnt tell enything
2566 days ago
I agree more questions but they did get me right sort of