Are you popular at school? quiz

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Each school has that popular cliques with all those cool kids, that everybody wants to be like. You also have your jocks, nerds, wannabes etc... Always wanted to know which category you belong to? Then this quiz is for you! Let's go!

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    What is your clothing style?
    What is your clothing style?

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44 days ago
I really hated this quiz. Like, a lot.
100 days ago
… I’m lesbian I don’t like boys… did you even really think before making this? 😑 (No hate or nothing just saying…)
109 days ago
It said im a nerd/geek/sporty gal which is kinda true im sporty and I like to read sometimes when im reading I dont even realize someone is talking to me. Last year someone told me they have never seen someone concentrate so much on a book and they said two guys got into a huge fight in front of me but I didnt even look up that them
213 days ago
it says im very popular. i am, i just came to my school im at now and the only reason im popular is because my two cousins are "popular" and many people know me for 5th grade im in 7th now. advice its not fun being well known/ popular mainy popular kids get bullied more then normal people, trust me . i get called all types of names shark, horse, lil treylen ( bf) , lil isaiah ( cousin), lil head, short, etc i always wanted to me popular. tbh you really dont know you popular ( well for me) i didnt know i was popular until the popular boys come ask me yesterday " how that 😘 you get popular on the 3 week of in person school". advice: its not easy being popular people except you to have drip ( the way you dress) iphone XR or 11, money etc. at my school when you popular you get jumped a lot lol. two days ago i was getting something for the snack thing and when i was walking in the hall all the popular boys jumped me. someone was holding my arms behind my back, someone was punching me, and someone was kicking me, and someone hit me with there iphone charger. as soon as they stop and let me go all my friends start swing.
221 days ago
It's says I'm popular but not the most popular which I get because I'm really new to my school but I hang out with the really popular clique and just made the fall cheer team.
234 days ago
dudes section perhaps, there are a lot of class clowns that are very popular and are the center of attention for classes, and delinquency is more common among those genders
285 days ago
exactly... and clothes styles are basicaly only girl clothes, 6 friends means gossip and only girls??? it's about half boys and girls. man, it should've said girls only or something...
310 days ago
Bruh it said I'm depressed and bullied. I'm sort of half depressed and half bullied. But at least it said popular kids suck, I hate them so 🐤 much
326 days ago
i dont like how they assume that all my friends are girls yes i am a girl myself but most of my friends are guys.
362 days ago
So this was an ok quiz, the answer was kinda accurate. I am kinda annoyed that it just assumes you are a girl and straight, which probably most people doing this test are, but still hate assumptions.
383 days ago
Can you teach me how to be popular? It said that I am a unpopular kid.
386 days ago
456 days ago
It said i am popular witch is true i am the populat girl since elementary now i am in high school.
506 days ago
Idk if i a popular at reall life bc i a tomboy eveyone like me but not the bully oof but i got allmost popular i be like:WHAT!!! Umm i thing i popular....@-@
599 days ago
Wow so many people are saying that they are popular- Well thats not how it works honeys :) Toodles!
665 days ago
It says I’m not popular but at school I am the popular one. Everyone knows me and likes me but I don’t know why
719 days ago
almost popular ayyyyyy
823 days ago
i got nerdy,geek,sporty gal I not any of those well I don’t play sports anymore but I would consider myself well known but ppl know me because of my looks my death glare, my 💝y face like 5% and also because of my ex boyfriend he was kinda popular.
825 days ago
#super popular!! This is soo true 💕💕
947 days ago
Ok I may be a little depressed but I don’t wanna kill myself so no I’m not seeking help also I’m am actually popular to others like about 123 people