Are You Secretly Popular? (Girls Only)

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Sometimes, you can be the loner! But you are actually really popular, but you don't know it.. want to know? Read this quiz.

  • 1
    Do people ever look at you, from distances? Or just stare more when they talk to you?
  • 2
    "Popular-ness can bring out the real you, are you yourself?" Think about it. Have you gone popular in the past, and somehow you weren't yourself?
  • 3
    Since you're taking this quiz, have you been called popular before?

  • 4
    Why do you come to school?
  • 5
    Is there one reason, you want to be popular?
  • 6
    Do people ramble about you?

  • 7
    Do you get called out as trying to be "popular"?
  • 8
    "Be yourself, but knowing things is your key to being smart" Think about it. Who'd you think about?
  • 9
    Do you go to bed early, to be rested for the "big" days at school?
  • 10
    Someone calls you ugly, you are:

  • 11
    Why'd you take this test?

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