Are You Too Sensitive?
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Are You Too Sensitive?

Do you take things too personally? Do you get mad easily, over stupid things?

Question 1:   You mention that you're bored and your boyfriend suggests that you maybe go for a jog...or to the gym. What do you say? How do you feel?
I feel hurt and upset. I ask him if he thinks I'm fat.
I wonder if he thinks I'm fat, but I don't say anything.
I wonder if he thinks I'm fat, but I realize that's not what he meant at all. I tell him I don't really feel like working out.
Why would I care?

Question 2:   You're talking with your boyfriend/significant other. He mentions that he thinks your friend, Ashley, is pretty cool. What are you thinking?
Oh my God...he likes Ashley better than me...
What does that mean...does he like Ashley? I hope not...
It's probably nothing...I hope...
Why do I care? Yeah, Ashley IS cool...but I KNOW he loves me.

Question 3:   You mention to your boyfriend that you're thinking about getting a nose job and he tells you that it's your body, whatever you want to do...what do you think?
Now I HAVE to get a nose job! He thinks my nose is ugly.
Hmmm...does he not like my nose...?
I hope he doesn't hate my nose...
He knows I was just joking about the nose job. And besides...he knows better than to tell me what to do....

Question 4:   You ask your boyfriend if you look fat in your dress. He turns red and kinda stutters...then walks away. What does this mean to you?
Yup. He totally thinks I'm fat. Why wouldn't he? I'm HUGE!
He probably thinks I'm hips are kinda big...and my stomach could be flatter...
Maybe he thought I looked gorgeous....yeah....right...
Why the hell would I ask that? It's totally unfair to him...and I don't really want to know the truth anyway.

Question 5:   You pierce your nose on the spur of the moment. You boyfriend says he likes it. What are you thinking?
He lying. He hates it. I saw the look on his face...
He probably doesn't like it...he did look kinda freaked out...
He probably hates it...but it's my body, right?
He was just surprised, that's all. And if he doesn't, so what? It's my nose...

Question 6:   You're watching TV with your boyfriend. A certain show comes on with a certain gorgeous actress that you know he really likes. How do you feel?
Pissed as hell. I'm his girlfriend! I'm the one he should be looking at like that!
Mad. I wish he'd look at me like that....
A little angry...but what can you do..?
I admit, I'm a bit jealous...but I look at actors so why shouldn't he be able to look at actresses?

Question 7:   Do you ever try to make your boyfriend feel jealous?
All the time. I tell him all about my guy friends and the guys who have huge crushes on me.
Sometimes. I think he takes me for granted and this makes him realize that he could lose me.
I have a couple times...he wasn't giving me enough attention...
No, not really. I hate being jealous so why would I want him to feel like that? Besides, I know he cares.

Question 8:   Do you get jealous or angry with him often?
Yup. All the time. He's always flirting...and he ignores me...
Sometimes. I hate when he pays attention to other girls...
Not really....I try to push all of that stuff out of my mind...
No. I trust him. And I hate feeling jealous.

Question 9:   Do you admit when you're wrong?
No...because nothing is ever my fault.
Rarely. Usually it's him that causes the problems.
Only when I'm at fault.
No one really admits to fault. We just compromise and get over it.

Question 10:   Are you good at opening up and being vulnerable?
No, not really. When I get mad I just lock it up. Sometimes it explodes later.
Only for certain things. I
I can most of the time...
Yeah...communication is very important.

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