Are you a couple of bricks shy of a house?
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Are you a couple of bricks shy of a house?

Let's see...Do you ever get called a ditz, a dumb blonde, not the brightest crayon in the box, or even the sharpest knife in the drawer. Well, I know how you feel! Prove to yourself that you are smart and that your elevator does go all the way to the top!

Question 1:   You and your friends have sat down to your weekly dinner together. Your best friend tells a very intense joke. You:
chuckle to yourself at next weeks gathering (there it is, you knew something would trigger it eventually)
find yourself laughing at home 3 hours later
begin laughing hysterically before he/she can even get to the punch line
look around confused for about 2 seconds and then laugh quietly to yourself

Question 2:   Tomorrow is your very best friends birthday. Your other friends have been planning a surprise party for months. At first, they did not tell you but told you today because they need your help in getting him/her to the party. You:
almost slip up when she asks you what you are doing tomorrow, but catch yourself and answer with, "Oh, I don't know. I need to clean my house and maybe do some laundry."
call your friend immediately and say, "Why wasn't I invited to your party?"
accidentally mention it and then say, "Nah, I was just kidding with you."
rattle off plans and tell her that she is coming with you and then later you both may go over to (another house) just to hang out

Question 3:   In high school, you got several awards. Which is the one you are most proud of.
Wittiest or Best Humor
I did not get an award, but everyone like me.
Uh....I know I got one...but I cannot remember...uh...uh
Most Intellectual

Question 4:   When is our nation's independence day?
July 4th---God Bless America!
July 4, 1776
Cinco de Mayo
sometime in the summer

Question 5:   What is your response when asked, where in the body is your aorta located?
My what?
You know where your aorta is...(to the person who asked)

Question 6:   You are driving down a deadend street. At the end of the is a white house. You turn around and start coming back up the street. There is a red house on your right and a green house on your left. Three up from the red house is a blue house and three up from the blue house is a yellow house. Where is the white house?
in Washington, DC...duh
somewhere on that darn street
next door
at the end of the street

Question 7:   You are walking down the street and someone barks at you. You:
think, "Did I just hear a dog bark?"
look around for that cute little lost puppy
return the gesture by barking back
are appalled by the notion and want to press charges

Question 8:   A tree falls in the forest. Does it make a sound, if no one is there?
....awwwww.....poor little tree
Who cares?
Yeah, I guess.
No, because a sound cannot be heard without the ear being present,

Question 9:   There is $1356.25 and you take $955.41, how much money do you have?
oooohhhhhhhhhhh--I get some money!
more than I had before

Question 10:   Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
What is in the glass?
It depends. Are we drinking on Monday or Friday?

Question 11:   How long did it take you to figure out how to use your voicemail on your personal cell phone?
I have had my phone a year and still can't work it.
a couple of times
I knew how to do it before I got my phone,
My phone has voicemail?

Question 12:   How would you describe your intellect?
very smart
I am a good faker.
pretty average

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