Are you a snob?
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Are you a snob?

Did someone tell you that you were a snob, and it got to your head, that you might be? Take this test to find out if you really are or if they are all lies.

Question 1:Did you ever look at someone and say bad things either to them or in your head?
Yeah, They were really gross!
I do sometimes, but only because they are really weird.
Only a couple times in my mind, I don't like to though.
I would never!
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Question 2:Have you ever acted superior to someone?
Of course, it's not that hard!
I have, but only to those I don't like.
I did maybe once, or twice, I don't want to be a habit.
Never!I am not that mean!
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Question 3:Do you think your a snob?
I guess I am, but I could care less!5
I've been called it, so I don't know if I am.
I might be...I'm not quite sure.
I don't really think I am... I've never been called one before.
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Question 4:Do you try to make people over so that,in your mind, they would be cool enough to hang with?
Oh yeah all the time! So what?
I have was fun, and I didn't get mortified!
I did in my mind, but I never actually did it, I would feel bad.
I accept people just the way they are!0
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Question 5:What do you think about this test?
A complete waste of my precious time!
I think I already know the answer to it! and it is a joke!
I think it's ok, then again I am bored right now!
I like it...I don't think I am a snob, so I don't know I’m taking it.
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Question 6:Are you spoiled?
I guess you could say that!
Maybe I am.
I am not so sure, I usually get a lot of things from, and stuff.
No, I only get the things I need.
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Question 7:Do you pick out what your going wear according to how you think your peers will like it?
I think others try to dress like me!
Doesn't everybody?
Only when I really can't decide on what to wear.
I wear what I like,that's it.
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Question 8:Do you think everything revolves around your life?
I believe so, yes.
Most things do.
Not a whole lot.
No, except what really does involve me..I'm not nosy.
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Question 9:Do you get in a lot of fights?
Only with those...really smelly people.
Yeah, sure I do.
not really, unless it's with a snob.
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Question 10:How would you describe your personality?
Very nice!
Almost wonderful!
Just fine.
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