How social are you?

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  • 1
    Someone’s goldfish died. They’re crying hard. What do you do?
  • 2
    You’re in a semi crowded bus. You forgot your phone.
  • 3
    Someone confessed that they’ve liked you for a very long time. And you like them as well. You:

  • 4
    Someone slaps you, hard. You:
  • 5
    You’re forced to do an interview with someone really physically attractive
  • 6
    You have to dance with a partner but you’re really bad at dancing

  • 7
    All eyes are on you and you don’t know why
  • 8
    Some people are having a loud argument and you know you can stop it
  • 9
    Someone is staring hard at you
  • 10
    It’s your old friend’s graduation party and you two live in the same area.

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1263 days ago
I ain’t anti social—- I’m an extrovert.