Am I Spoiled?🤑

Never Heard The Word No? You Might Be Spoiled! Find Out Now!
Do people ever tell you, "You're SO spoiled!"? Well, this is a test to determine whether you really are or aren't. Your result might surprise you! Of course, everything is relative, and one person's "spoiled" is another's "underprivileged." Anyway, have fun with this 'How spoiled are you? quiz'!

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    When shopping with your parents, you see something you want. You:
    When shopping with your parents, you see something you want. You:

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29 days ago
I share a bed with my mom we don't have enough space for two beds, I wash my clothes with my hands twice a week, I cook, wash dishes, mop and sweep and wipe tables. At this point, they're not chores just normal daily stuff you gotta do. Also, our gadgets aren't in need for upgrading, even though they're not the lates t
46 days ago
i don't have a bad mom. I'm not rude, spoiled, or being a brat. I have autism. I'm doing the best i can. Smiles are appreciated by mom. Rude stares & unsolicited parenting are not.
47 days ago
none of me in there, so nice try!!!
47 days ago
I'll type the word spoiled right now!!
47 days ago
My picture would really pop up? NO.
47 days ago
( Jacelyn is a spoiled 7 year old friend of mine)
47 days ago
Excuse me?! I'm not spoiled, unlike that spoiled brat, Jacelyn!!!!!!!!!! 🤬😡
51 days ago
I got a 70% i share a room the phone that i have was like 100 dollars and i got it two years ago I don't have any other devices except my phone I'm 15, i only get stuff that i need and I'm never aloud to ask for thing so I'm kinda confused on my score
88 days ago
i kinda spoiled even doe 406% spoiled people like pink i only spoiled for robux :/
117 days ago
I get money for my birthday so what should I choose? I didn’t ask for b-day money
126 days ago
My family is pretty rich. My mom is ALWAYS calling me spoiled.
I'm 10 I can't even have a phone until I'm 18.
Yeah I'm kinda spoiled. But all I do everyday is study and watch cartoons.
140 days ago
one of the questions:
a) i don't have a room
b) i share a room
c) i have a big beautiful room to myself

me: i have a room to myself that's the size of a closet
148 days ago
I got 90% spoiled
btw I'm on my desktop while my dad paints my room
155 days ago
It said I'm 50% spoiled. But I'm not, my family is just wealthy lmao
170 days ago
I am 80% spoiled, i do know that i sometimes ask for things i don’t need but sometimes my selfishness can get the best of me which isn’t good. I want to try and be more caring if others and not ask for so much i don’t need. I want to be someone others can look up too, i want to help around the house more, and i am going to do my best to be that. I want to be someone who deserves the moon but doesn’t ask for it.
173 days ago
i'm 50 percent spoiled
181 days ago
I’m 50 percent spoiled
185 days ago
I never asked for money, they just give me for no reason.
187 days ago
Omg I’m 100 percent spoiled!🙄
190 days ago
guess im not spoiled, i have have phone thats $76, im 14, i only get stuff that i need, and i cant do ANYTHING unless all my homework is finished. Cant tell if my parents are being mean or nice