Am I Spoiled?🤑

Never Heard The Word No? You Might Be Spoiled! Find Out Now!
Do people ever tell you, "You're SO spoiled!"? Well, this is a test to determine whether you really are or aren't. Your result might surprise you! Of course, everything is relative, and one person's "spoiled" is another's "underprivileged." Anyway, have fun with this 'How spoiled are you? quiz'!

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    When shopping with your parents, you see something you want. You:
    When shopping with your parents, you see something you want. You:

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84 days ago
i want a little baby who is a hot girl who wants to SIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU on my dikkkk uwu
132 days ago
Im a little bit spoiled..Less than I expected..
136 days ago
136 days ago
136 days ago
I got 100% spoiled lol
144 days ago
More than I expected
144 days ago
I got 70% spoiked which was more than u expected
156 days ago
I got 98% spoiled. Guess ima brag
162 days ago
The allowance money question doesn't make sense cause I usually only ask my parents for money for certain occasions such as going out with friends.
173 days ago
Some of the questions don't make sense. The 5th question about summer is nowhere near what I do. I usually eat ice cream or sit in the living room with the air conditioner on. For the bedroom one, it also doesn't make sense. Look, I started small and slowly moved on to a big one that's not special at all. So, if I choose the 3rd option, the quiz would consider me as spoiled because they think that I have a room full of decorations. Finally, not asking for something does not mean that you cannot get it which is my case for money and Christmas. Then, it says that i'm spoiled which I don't understand because, I think about others before doing something, I am grateful for stuff and I don't laugh at others for having worse things than me. That's my personality.
209 days ago
Eer I agree- the pool question didn't make sense
Oh and neither did the room one. I don't share a room, I have one, but its not big and beautiful, my bed takes up majority of it.

Oh yeah if you read my earlier comment, I wanna clarify I don't get B-Day money then go to my mom and ask for some cash!
209 days ago
You're a little bit spoiled, but you're not a brat. You know enough about doing without to have built some character, but you don't really suffer from the lack of anything. While you might not have everything you want, you generally have what you need, and you usually appreciate that. There are people out there who'd love to have what you do, and you know it.

If you Googled the word "spoiled" on your top-of-the-line computer, your picture would pop up. Yes, sorry, but it's actually that bad. Why not share some of your good fortune? You could always use the good karma, right? Or you might have gotten this result more because of your attitude than for what you own.

%40 and %40. I'm not liked well by many people- And i can't blame them. At the store I never ask for things because I am aware my family is definitely not poor, but spending money like that for something like that isn't my thing. We get tons of stuff for Christmas and such, but in my family chores don't exist. If someone spends their time cooking for you the least you can do is help around the house. I'm not that offended by the second one as I thought I would be though. One thing I wish for this quiz tho is if you would make the questions more personality based, as the definition of spoiled is "(of a person, especially a child) harmed in character by being treated too leniently or indulgently" what we get is the CAUSE of being spoiled, but spoiled itself is a trait of character. I used to have a pool, I don't use the community pool, or put ice cubes down my shirt so I chose the my pool answer, I don't often ask for money, if so its for going out (barely ever) with some friends to the convenience store or something and its around $10 (i've only asked for money once) but getting money in my family is like that, you ask for it and its a yes or no answer. I don't like being told I have everything because that title belongs to no one. I have a around 10+ years old PC and a chromebook, I don't like the fact I've been told i am the definition of spoiled, and that could be worded kinder. Typing this much and ranting as a horrible habit of mine, and I am very sorry for writing something so long! Its just calming for me! Good day, and peace yall.
223 days ago
Phew. I'm not spoiled. Although a little but I'm not a brat. I thought I was one because I was having a fight with someone on the internet and they called me a 'Spoiled Brat' and I seem like I am but I am actually not! And also, when I said I seemed like I am, I was referring to me when I was younger but I am not.
230 days ago
Somehting doesn't add up... how does having a pool make you spoiled?
240 days ago
I dont expect to get the lastest and greatest like when Im 16 i wont expect the best car i will expect that's more than 10 years old and costed less than ten thousand and i am grateful for what i get on Christmas even if i don't like it plus. i will be nice and accept my stuff gratefully. I will also get punished if i do anything bad. and i am not allowed to do certain stuff. Plus i am expected to get good grades. Like for example if i looked up bad stuff on a computer i will get punished for it. Plus i don't get everything i want and i do have a high-end laptop
This quiz overall is dumb and idk how i got 80% spoiled.
276 days ago
when i want something i like i ask them politel but if its really something i want i ask them politely again but if they disagree i kinda beg for it, i dont really dont do chores but i do normal stuff like eating breakfast, eating my medicine,doing homework, i know how to make my bed but i dont really do it, idk how to cook because im 12, i get punished if i did something really bad, if i get a driving lisence i do buy a car but maybe its new or maybe its the old version, i do have my own laptop but its not that good, i can only use it for online school, i might get lazy sometimes but most of the time i do my homework, i got a used tv that is bigger than my old tv, i do forget to thank them after eating dinner but i try my best to dont forget.
277 days ago
I am totally not spoiled omg this quiz is dumb, yes I have my own room and ps5 and stuff and I got everything I wanted but that doesnt mean im spoiled right? urgh
321 days ago
These questions are dumb
356 days ago
I share a bed with my mom we don't have enough space for two beds, I wash my clothes with my hands twice a week, I cook, wash dishes, mop and sweep and wipe tables. At this point, they're not chores just normal daily stuff you gotta do. Also, our gadgets aren't in need for upgrading, even though they're not the lates t
373 days ago
i don't have a bad mom. I'm not rude, spoiled, or being a brat. I have autism. I'm doing the best i can. Smiles are appreciated by mom. Rude stares & unsolicited parenting are not.