Find the real you!

In this short, 10 question quiz, you'll discover your own individual personality, including your strengths and weaknesses. Have fun!

Question 1:Which of the following adjectives do you think best describes your personality?
shy, quiet, thoughtful
determined, focused, slightly bossy
energetic, friendly, outgoing

Question 2:Has anyone ever told you that you "seriously need to calm down"?
I get told that a lot.
Sometimes, but the situation did call for it.
Rarely, if ever.

Question 3:A co-worker or friend thinks that you've stole something from them (you didn't). You:
Are disappointed in them for thinking that way of you.
Deny taking it and offer to help them find out who did.
Say screw them. You know you didn't take it, and that's all that matters to you.

Question 4:At a social gathering, you are the person who is:
Off in the corner, people watching.
With his/her closest friends, laughing it up.
Mingling and charming everyone in sight.

Question 5:You find out that a family member is in the hospital. You:
Calmly gather your thoughts and head for the hospital, hoping they're okay.
Automatically assume the worst, and RUSH to the hospital.
Gather all the details, then assign yourself to call all the other relatives to inform them of the situation.

Question 6:Would you ever give money to a homeless person?
No. It's they're own fault that they are the way they are.
I'm not sure....depends on my mood/the situation.
Yes, of course! Those poor people!

Question 7:You are trying to have a serious discussion with someone, and they're completely ignoring you. You:
Playfully try to regain their attention.
Shut up and try again later.
Get mad and stalk away. You're never appreciated!

Question 8:Your car has a serious malfunction at a very bad financial time. You:
Try to use the money you already have by sitting down and rearranging your finances for the week, month, etc.
Ask the boss for extra hours, and use public transportation or get a ride form someone else until you can get it fixed.
Try to get a loan or ask to borrow the money from someone to fix it.

Question 9:You're on a project with a co-worker who isn’t doing his or her part. You:
Take the problem to your boss and let him/her handle it.
Ask the person if they'd mind chipping in a little more, and hope that solves the problem.
Finish the project on your own. It isn't worth making waves over.

Question 10:Be completely honest: Do you REALLY care what people think of you?
I deny it like crazy, but yes, I do.
Of course! After all, you are what you portray.
Only a few people.

This Quiz has been designed by danielle.