What Is My Talent? Quiz

You might not believe this, but everyone has a talent! It's totally true! Maybe there's greatness in you that you haven't even thought about before! I'm here to get you excited about your possibility! If you want to know what your talent is, take my quiz now and find out!

  • 1
    What's your favourite colour? (Sorry, it's important!)
    What's your favourite colour? (Sorry, it's important!)
  • 2
    Your favourite song is on! What do you do?
  • 3
    What music do you prefer?

  • 4
    YouTube time! What do you watch?
  • 5
    Clothes? What do you usually wear?
  • 6
    How would you describe yourself? Pick the closest.

  • 7
  • 8
    Do you like to stretch? Are you flexible?
  • 9
    Which part of your body do you like the most?
  • 10
    Do you think you have a talent?

Comments (76)


18 days ago
I have always seen myself as an imaginative person but for science
Is this test accurate?
I'm for the SCIENCIES!!!!!!
18 days ago
HELL TO THE NAW!So what's your talent? Congratulations, you're an artist!

You are really imaginative and would make a great artist! Start drawing, painting, sculpting - anything! Find out what art you really like to do and start working at it. I know you can go far if you work diligently and passionately! Good luck! I cannot draw for 🌻, my friend on the other hand- SHE CAN DRAW ANYTHING! I love sports..
25 days ago
25 days ago
i HATE ART i pictured myself more as a biologist or....nuclear scientist.......
32 days ago
stupid, im horrible at art
33 days ago
I love to draw in free time no my sister says I am drawing really good but I thought that my drawing is not that good and now it came that my talent is that I am artist.😆☺
79 days ago
Hmmmm……never pictured myself as an artist
107 days ago
Being artist is not my real talent but i wanna be artist.
138 days ago
Uhhh...I am ok with Pop But i LIKE KPOP , Options are limited and My fav color is Purple!!
140 days ago
No I don’t have sweet voice but I like to singer those Americans songs but I can’t sing
171 days ago
I like recording myself with phone
I like watching my self with mirror all the time or even a video
175 days ago
What are you saying ,singer never
185 days ago
it's inaccurate, if you just like music it will tell you your talent is singing, i mean who doesn't like music?
i don't think there are any accurate talent quiz out there, so you should just discover your talent yourself.
194 days ago
Me: I think I don't have any talents
This quiz: So What's your talent? Congratulations, you're singer
Me : Ohh, I didn't know that!
199 days ago
Everyone has a talent, trust me!
Have a good day!
199 days ago
Ummm.. I am not artsy at all. Idk what my talent is but I am
a) VERY into sports
b) most of the answers were obvious af

But still a nice quiz for bored people
207 days ago
I do enjoy drawing and fashion. Thanks alot
214 days ago
Sorry but I am not into sports 😐
225 days ago
I love this I am good at singing I perform sometimes on stages this is my talent >_
227 days ago
hi. thankyou for making me realiz who I am