The Four Temperaments
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The Four Temperaments

There exist four temperaments within the human race: Phlegmatic, Choleric, Melancholy, and Sangine. (You probably don't know what these are, but that's the point.) You can't bias your answers. HAHA! Take this quiz to see who you really are!

Question 1:   You walk into a party full of people. You usually...
...Find people you know well and who share your interests.
...Either find one person and converse (telling all of your ambitions, achievements) or organize a big game for all to play..
...Go and wait for others to come to you.
...Find the largest group of people & become the center of the conversation.

Question 2:   You are faced with a Truth-or-Dare question that you REALLY don't want to get. You...
...Do it. Who cares?
...Can't decide, so they skip you.
...Do the dare anyways. Your friends' opinions of you mean more than your dignity.
...Protest to the question. Why shouldn't you just get another one?

Question 3:   It's picture day, and you woke up late. You have to choose between getting ready (nice clothes, hair, etc.) and some last-minute, much-needed studying for that math test first period! You...
...Neither. Those last minutes of sleep are so precious!
...Pick looks over books. (People will remember your hair, not one stupid grade).
...Pick books over looks. (Colleges don't care what your hair looked like!).
...Go half-way on both.

Question 4:   Which movie would interest you the most?
Your favorite (you got all of your friends into it.)
That small-time indy flick with the amazing actors.
The latest box-office smash
Whatever you feel like at the time.

Question 5:   On a date, how would the ordering go?
You get whatever sounds good at the time.
You get whatever your date gets.
You get what you've never tried.
You help your date decide what to get.

Question 6:   Happy birthday! Your ideal party is...
A surprise party!
Anything fun, as long as you get to plan it.
A pool, beach, or dance party: Lots of people, loud music, etc.
Your closest friends, out to a coffee shop, then to a spa.

Question 7:   Who can you most relate to?
Matt Damon/Salma Hayek
David Arquette/Molly Shannon
Johnny Depp/Maggie Gyllenhaal
Brad Pitt/Jennifer Lopez

Question 8:   You trip on a stage. You...
...laugh it off, but secretly burn with embarrassment.
...jump up, pretend like it didn't happen.
...get up, shrug it off.
....stay there, chuckle, then get up and bow.

Question 9:   What do you like in the opposite sex (the most)?
Someone who is liked by other people, very friendly, funny.
Someone who is decisive, smart, successful.
Someone who you feel a 'connection' with.
Someone who loves to be him/herself, no matter their quirks.

Question 10:   Your dream city is...
Orlando (Disney!), Kingston (Jamaica), or Melbourne (Australia)
Hollywood, L.A., or Miami
New York City, Tuscany (Italy), or Barcelona (Spain).
Dallas, Paris, or Honoloulou

Question 11:   Which color are you?
Purple or red.
Red-orange or violet.
Blue or Green.
Light blue or pink.

Question 12:   Your fav. numbers...
Middle-range, 2-digits

Question 13:   Your fav. sport: (watch/play):

Question 14:   Best school subject:
The Arts.
Health, P.E. or Lunch!
Math or Science.

Question 15:   Finish the statement: If at first you don't succeed...
...get someone to help you/do it for you!
...try, try again, and again, and again...
...pick a different thing to do.
...choose something that's the most fun.

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