What is your temperament?

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Find out here if you are a sanguine, choleric, meloncholic, or phlegmatic!

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    Say someone spills their tray of food on your new shirt in the lunch room at school. What do you so?

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1357 days ago
Hey I'm the creator of the test "Temperament test 2.0". Sorry I'm just bored and looking for people to take my tests so if anyone reads this please take my tests and comment! Thanks. ^-^
1460 days ago
This "test" isn't really a test. It is how this clever girl collects advise, i wager. ^^)
1518 days ago
um.Belahzael, this was more than likely made for girls.
2617 days ago
One thing; It is impossible for boys to become pregnant, you know. Stupid Question.