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Temperament test 2.0

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What temperament are you? Take the test to find out!

  • 1
    A heater blows up in school. (Yeah, I know, not very likely) You:
  • 2
    What is one of your weaknesses?
  • 3
    You see two of your classmates arguing. You:

  • 4
    Your school is starting a new club. You want to:
  • 5
    What would you want to do for your birthday?
  • 6
    Your crush suddenly passes by you. So you:

  • 7
    You just get word that you don't have school tomorrow. You:
  • 8
    You get an offer to act out in the school play. You:
  • 9
    What do you do when you're angry?
  • 10
    What words would you use to describe yourself?

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1531 days ago
I literally have no clue what these r
1651 days ago
I'm tired it's 11pm at my house I am trying super hard to keep my eyes open rn so the quiz is bad.. sorry
1651 days ago
In our school we get science, social studies, which includes history, geography, etc. math, which i am bad at, and ELA (or English Language Arts) and that includes, reading, writing, and grammar.

And #TheGlisteningPizza this is just for u it is not meant for anyone else
1667 days ago
I got choleric. I really am a natural born leader. This was a great quiz. Good job!😄
1667 days ago
Yeah our founder said that we have Grammar and History instead of social studies. IDK why tho I mean shouldn't all schools have Grammar and History? My Latin teacher says that in some schools they don't teach Grammar anymore which is sad...
1672 days ago
Seriously? Well in my school social studies is super easy tho. You can do a study guide and get it signed for 7 extra credit points on your test. and the tests are easy to begin with.
1684 days ago
We have 2 "smart kids" in our class who seem to always get 100 in EVERYTHING! I mean I usually get 100 for most of my subjects except for, like, Math and Science, but still!
1686 days ago
Haha so one of his friends is literally the smartest kid in the grade and that friend was in my class last year, and I'd be like "I got a 94" and he'd be like "Well I got a 95"
1686 days ago
Sounds like some of my classmates...
But no, none of them ever came close to trying to kiss me!
1687 days ago
Yup, and he's on my bus.... and he's still unpopular and socially awkward to this day.
1689 days ago
Oh, I can tell! That must have been creepy!
1689 days ago
Story time, in 2nd grade there was this kid and he was annoying as h ell. So of course he had a huge, gigantic, enormous crush on me and 2 of my friends. For time's sake we'll leave out the unneccesary details. So, my friend and I played this game where we had to beat these two boys to the swings every day at recess and occupy them so they couldn't use them. Unfortunately there's 3 swings and only 2 of us so the kid that had the crush on me came by and there was still 1 swing available. So I let him have it (stupidly) and he tried to kiss me so I ran away screaming. The experience still scars me to this day.
1689 days ago
You must be pretty popular, I miss the days when K used to like me.
1689 days ago
If not many boys like you, don't feel like you're missing out on ANYTHING! I have, like, ten boys that either like me or are suspected to, and it is CRAZY SCARY! I sometimes wish no one ever told me they like me!
1689 days ago
Lol, not many boys like me but I have quite a few friends who are boys. In fact, on the bus ride home there are two boys that I sit with.
1689 days ago
Ha ha, I'm Melancholic but around my friends I'm a formed Sanguine, and sometimes it's not the girls crowding around me it's the boys! :}
1690 days ago
1690 days ago
I know quite a few people that would probably be sanguines and would love to be the center of attention, that is totally correct but I'm just saying I hate when ppl are like staring at me or crowiding around me.
1690 days ago
Yeah I know! Oh, I put down that sanguines are the center of attention because, well, first of all they usually are, even if they don't always like to, because thier personality is always just amazing and fun to be around! Most sanguines get carried away, though, and WANT to be the center of attention. So good for you! You're not one of them!
1690 days ago
Loved "a heater blows up at school" lol