Are You an Individual?
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Are You an Individual?

Are you a cool person who does her own thing, or are you an obsequious person that follows the crowd?

Question 1:   When it comes to music, you listen to whatever:
My parents will approve of.
Is on the top 40 radio station.
Speaks to me.
My friends listen to.

Question 2:   Your new, older friends invite you to a party. The only problem is, they want you to drink and smoke, and you are a serious advocate against alcohol and nicotine. You:
Don't go to the party.
Get drunk anyways.
Try not to get drunk, but end up taking a drink after some peer pressure.

Question 3:   Your parents want you to go to one college (let's call it college A), but you want to go to a different college (let's call it college B.) You:
Go to college A anyways.
Tell your parents you're going to college A, but go to college B instead.
Tell your parents that you will go to college B and they can't make you go to college A.

Question 4:   When you wake up in the morning, you:
Take forever in the shower, put on tons of makeup, wear only Abercrombie, and skip breakfast-you want to impress the cool crowd AND your crush!
Have a whole system that picks your most stylish outfits and makeup, then get to school early so you can talk to your friends.
Have your parents pick your clothes, your breakfast, and basically everything for you.
Throw on whatever clothes you want, then eat what you feel like eating.

Question 5:   The last crush/boyfriend you had was:
The captain of the football team! LIKE OH MY GOD HE IS SO HOT!
The student council head-all the better to impress the parents.
Someone your friends convinced you to like/date.
Not very well liked by others, but who cares?

Question 6:   Everybody in your lunch period is loud and obnoxious and you feel really uncomfortable around them . What do you do?
Try to get 7th period lunch-it's way late, and you're starving, but you need friends!
Find someplace outside the cafeteria to eat-maybe listen to a little music.
Sit with the loud and obnoxious kids-you'll get used to them.

Question 7:   Your BFF tells you to tease this nerdy guy who you used to sort of have a crush on. You:
OMG, he's a NERD! Why would I have a crush on a NERD?
Tease him, because you want to stay her friend.
Tell her you'll tease him, but never get around to doing it.
Tell her to bug off. Why would you tease someone?

Question 8:   Your general outlook on popularity and morals are that:
Your morals are WAY more important. Popularity is just superficial.
OMG, I would sacrifice ANYTHING to stay popular!
Popularity and your morals have equal values.

Question 9:   At school, you hang out with the kids who:
don't pressure you and are nice.
your parents like.
are in the popular crowd.
drink, smoke, and pressure you to do the same, even though you don't want to.

Question 10:   Your little brother is bored to tears and wants to play with you. You, however, are stressed out from the day's work. You:
Play with him anyway and pretend to be happy.
Play with him, but get all angry at him.
Tell him you'll play with him some other time and try to help him find something to do.

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