Are you unique?
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Are you unique?

Are you unique in your own little way? Or are you just like everyone else??? Ever wonder if people are staring at you because your just like them? Or because your not like them? Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1:What is your fashion style? (Pick the closest One)
A polo or a button down shirt and a pair of khakis that are color cordinnated
All black everything
Something cute and preppy. Maybe a short khaki skirt and a rugby striped shirt
Mix-Matched-everything thrown together-i got this form 20 different stores look

Question 2:Is your hair:
its natural color
its natural color w/ highlights
a different color- but nothing wild
a different color each week

Question 3:How many pieces of jewlery are you wearing RIGHT now?

Question 4:Would you ever think of sky-diving?
Yes- but only if someone did it with me
No- WHO would ever do that?

Question 5:Whats your favorite music (closest)
Jazz/Swing/Big Band

Question 6:Your idea of a fun night out is:
Watching a movie while eating popcorn in your living room
Having dinner at a fancy restaraunt
Dancing at a club
Getting a tongue ring

Question 7:what color are you fingernails?

Question 8:Do you like to:
stay out all night and sleep all day
early to bed, early to rise
Went to bed at 10, woke up at 8

Question 9:Do you like Disney movies?
Of course!
Um... No

Question 10:Would you ever get a tattoo?
Are you serious?
I have 10 already!

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