Personality Quiz
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Personality Quiz

What does your personality say to me? Take this quiz and you can find out!

Question 1:If you go to a party you would.....
Dance like a retard just for the fun of it.
Discuss how stupid the people dancing look, and discuss all the misfortunate things happening to friends.
Dance like a retard, but also play with the host's siblings
Bite Someone

Question 2:In school do you:
Sometimes fail sometimes pass you never know what you are going to get.
Pretend to do bad, and eventually do bad, because you're extremely busy being "cool"
Get good grades and enjoy.
Get excellent grades, but don't tell anyone don't brag

Question 3:What do you wear to school?
Pick through finding what looks good.
Some baggy clothes, hey you want to be comfy
Looking through hoping to find something comfortable, and nice.
The "latest" fashion, hey you've got to look great.

Question 4:Where do you spend most of your spare time?
With your family, dancing, talking to your friends making jokes, and confusing people
At the mall discussing what would look great on you and horrible on someone else
With your friends banging your heads to KORN
With your friends trying to bang your head to KORN while your friends laugh

Question 5:What do you get your friend for your birthday?
Something trendy that you like too, because what you like they like.
Lots of money, and something funny to make her laugh, and think
Probably Money
Money and something else like jewelry

Question 6:What is your favorite song?
"Main Offender" the Hives
Ben Folds, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, anything by them
Probably something by KORN
"Complicated" Avril Lavigne, she's still cool right?

Question 7:What's your favorite TV show?
TV, I don't watch much.
Jana ! That lady can really sing, out of tune!
Boy Meets World I loved that show since the beginning my interests don't change when things aren't "hip" anymore
I can't really say my interests change a lot.

Question 8:What would your friends say about you?
He/ She's kind of a freak, but a cool one.
He/ She's a little too smart, but really funny, and cool.
They are the latest thing they love the same things I love, and are so cool.
He/ She's the coolest thing since sliced bread

Question 9:What is your sign?
One of the Zodiac Signs
Exit Sign hehe
Stop Sign
Loser Sign

Question 10:Have you ever drank?
Ummm, yeah of course whatever you say
I drink the wine at church
Yeah, once or twice
No, that would be cool though

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