Which of the Four Personalities are You?
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Which of the Four Personalities are You?

Have you ever wondered which personality you are? Probably not. But because you love this site and you love yourself and you love ME, you're going to take this test so you can understand yourself better and finally figure out why in the world you act the way you do!!

Question 1:You're in a group of friends, and one of them announces that they want to start a band. You are asked to join, and your answer is
Sure! I can be the lead vocals and the photographer and the organizer and the...
OK, but if anyone insults you, you're out first thing.
Why would I want to be in a band?
Sure! I don't know how to play anything but it sounds fun anyways

Question 2:You're at your favorite store. You see a pair of jeans that are SOOO cute and you just have to have them! Problem is, you can either buy the jeans or the pair of shoes you've been saving for a long time. You
Take an aggressive stance and try to bargain with the cashier.
Go with the original plan and buy the shoes. That's what you've been saving for anyway!
Walk out of the store. It really doesn't matter anyway.
Plunk down your money. You can always buy the shoes later!

Question 3:You're at a friend's house and your friend decides to sit down and watch TV, while you want to do something more interesting. You
Hit her with pillows. It might not work but at least it's fun!
Think about it for a minute and then sit down next to her. It's not worth a fight.
Whine a little bit and then give up.
Yank her off the couch and drag her out the door, explaining that it's time to find something else to do.

Question 4:Your friend's brother takes your pillow and won't give it back. You
Laugh and chase him around the house.
Grab another one.
Leap on top of him and twist his arm around his back, demanding that he give it back.
Angrily command him to give it back.

Question 5:It's finals week! The night before your big history final, you are
Reviewing some of the material you've been going over for a week.
Organizing a big party for the weekend after the finals are over.
At a party! Yay!!!
Kicking back with a good book. You've already read the material, made an outline, and memorized it.

Question 6:Your brother is leaving for college. You and him always got along really well, so this is a little hard. You
Say goodbye and leave it at that.
Remind him which dorm he's going to be staying in, tell him to call you every night and ask him if he's sure he has everything.
Talk and cry alternately all day.
Want to cry, but try to hold it in for his sake. He never likes it when you get all sentimental.

Question 7:This is it! The night that the Lord of the Rings finally comes out on DVD! You are
At home, sleeping, like a sane person.
Organizing a large party with everybody you know to celebrate!
Fully dressed in your elven costume, hiding outside the DVD store to rush in and take it by storm the moment it opens.
Calmly waiting in the car.

Question 8:AAAH!! Your sister's getting married! You
Save your money for two months to buy her a really nice silverware set.
Bounce up and down and occasionally ricochet off the ceiling.
Congratulate her. It's so hard to believe she's going to be Mrs. Something!
Remind her not to trip, like she did at the rehearsal.

Question 9:Your faithful old dog has really bad arthritis and your mom says that you'll need to put him down. When you hear the news, you
Cry openly, wash your dog and brush it and spend the entire day with it.
Lock yourself in the bathroom to sob and cry. Then you call a friend to cry with her.
Cry quietly while hugging your dog.
Go somewhere where you can be alone.

Question 10:Your dad announces that he has to move for business. Your first thought is
I'll miss home, but I'll be OK.
What will you do about all your friends? You call or email everyone to cry with them and get their sympathy.
No!! No NO NO NO NO!!
What will I do? I'm not going to get through this!

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