What Kind of Person Are You? *~Anime Style~*

The ULTIMATE personality test! There are five categories.. which one do YOU fit under? To get pictures for your results so you can show it off to your friends in style, please request the picture by e-mailing me @ xxKawaiiShampooxx@hotmail.com and you will receive your picture ASAP! ^_^

Question 1:What do you like to wear on an average day?
Something that won't rip if I fall! ^^;
Simple things, like sweaters and loose skirts and house shoes.
Leather is my kind of thing.... the jacket, the skirt, the boots...
Something easy to move around in... not really baggy...
My glasses.. I can't see without them!

Question 2:What word or phrase describes you?
Einstein clone...
Physically active.

Question 3:Your group of friends includes...
A huge group of guys I like to hang out with on a Saturday night.. and maybe a few of my girls that like to follow guys around with me.
Ummm.. friends?
Kids from the honor roll at school. They're the only ones that understand me...
Classmates from my martial arts class.
My sister and the girls that like to come over occasionally and talk with me.

Question 4:In what style do you like to wear your hair?
Either down or up in a ponytail... so I can move. I don't like those complicated hair styles.
Messy... I don't like mine to be put up.
Pigtails, loose ponytail.. something cute yet earthy.
I like to wear mine so that a guy will MELT over me....
What style DON'T I like to wear my hair in? ^_^

Question 5:If you were to fight something, would you prefer weapons, magic, or ultimate defense?
Anything! As long as I win!!
Defense.... I need it right about now.....
I would go with weapons! You get the job done quickly....
Weapons or magic..... anything that will eliminate my foe.
Magic or defense... or defensive magic.

Question 6:Your favorite food is...
I like home cooking, like cookies and muffins and sandwiches.
Oooh! Food! I LOVE FOOD! All foods are my favorites!!
Fancy food.... like pasta or something like that...
Whatever I'm in the mood for... I guess. I'm not a big eater.
Healthy foods... apples, grapes, veggies, etc.

Question 7:If you were to meet a really annoying person, how would you get them to go away?
I would seduce them into going away...
I would ask really nicely and explain that I don't feel like talking.
Normally, I am the annoying person...
Beat them to a pulp...
Confuse them with my advanced vocabulary.

Question 8:Your favorite anime is/are...
Love Hina, Tenchi......
I like Silent Mobius, Serial Experiments Lain, and .hack//SIGN...
Excel Saga...
Cowboy Bebop.
Inuyasha, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin.. lots of action!!

Question 9:What kind of music do you listen to?
I don't listen to music...
Techno and dance.
Rock/heavy metal.
Classical or R&B.
Pop or Jpop.

Question 10:Okay, a personality giveaway. If I were to tell you that your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you, what would you say?
....Damn. -_-
OMG NOOOOO!!!!!! *cries hysterically*
Aww... ;.;
...Ehh. I don't need 'em anyways... e.e
What? I had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Amazing...

Question 11:What kind of grades do you get in school?
What? I don't go to school... martial arts school, maybe. And I'm really good at that.
I get A's and B's all the time... because I study a lot.
Ehh, I'm okay. C's and B's... and one or two A's a year.
Oh my goodness... I don't do good at all. D's and F's... and maybe the occasional C's or B's....
I get all A's. I was born smart ... :)

Question 12:What are your favorite school activities/subjects?
Art or cheerleading.
I like math or science.
I like all classes.
Any class, as long as I'm able to watch the guys/girls.
Gym, track, something active...

Question 13:Your last boyfriend/girlfriend was...
.....I can't remember. I've had so many.
An honor roll student.
Really nice and caring. They lived close to me too, so we visited often.
Not really into me... was it something I did?
Living where I visited a long time ago. We only liked eachother, though.

Question 14:Favorite kind of video games?
Video games?? I don't play those...
Any games except for the babyish and girly ones.
Puzzle and platform.
Action/adventure or RPGs or fighting games.

Question 15:Do you like to draw?
I draw all the time! I'm good at it, too.
Computer animation rocks, yeah. But actual drawing... it comes second.
I like to, but I'm bad at it.
Depends on what it is...
Drawing is okay, but.. nahh.

Question 16:Your ideal screen name for an instant messaging service is...
Joe(or whatever your name is)Nerd2857346693

Question 17:And your ideal password?
(your boyfriend/girlfriend's name)

Question 18:The newsletter you would more than likely sign up for?
The Daily Punch: The Physically Fit Person's News
Popular Mechanics Online: Today's Hot Products and Old Favorites
Hello Kitty Fanatics Unite!
State University News and Events
AmericanSingles.com: Who's New and Who's Hot?

Question 19:Describe or name your favorite item from your room.
My pile of books.... I must study!
Something that keeps me looking hot...
I am in love with my plushies!!!
My Dell...
Something that can keep me powerful and strong, like a gym set.

Question 20:Are you getting bored yet?
Hmm.. I could be doing better things, but I'm okay.
Not really. I like quizzes!
Yeahh... I'm bored!!
No way! I live for online quizzes!!

Question 21:What do you look like?
I'm too hot.. I have the figure and everything.
I'm the perfect size.. not too skinny and not too overweight.
Kawaii!!! Ultra cute...
Muscular, healthy.... kinda cute.
Skinny, glasses, messy hair...

Question 22:Why is this a 30-question quiz??
Because you wanted it to be, and I respect that.
The more questions, the better.
I don't know, but this is fun!
I have no clue. You're probably a stalker...
Don't know.... don't care, either.

Question 23:Where do you live?
In a peaceful area... nice people and terrific neighbors!
I live in a comfy place that's easy to get around in.
Somewhere between country and city... We'll call it a "town".
In the wilderness or the country. Lots of villages, towns and forests...
I'm a city person... buildings, lights, and cars!

Question 24:What color hair do you want?
Bright colors! Like pink, blue, lilac, red, green, yellow...
Dark purple, black, dark blue, dark brown.. something dark and mysterious.
Brown or blonde. If it has to be anything out of the ordinary, red would do. Or blue...
I like my hair color the way it is.
Black, brown, or white. Not old people's white, but just.. white.

Question 25:What's your weapon of choice?
A shield.
A sword or a knife.
A magical wand or staff.
A pistol.
A laser gun.

Question 26:Favorite movie?
Piglet's Big Movie
Maid in Manhattan
Cowboy Bebop : The Movie
Tekken : The Motion Picture

Question 27:What elemental power would you choose, if you had to have one?

Question 28:What's your favorite color?
Grey, black, white, or blue.
Dark purple or dark grey.
Baby blue or baby pink.
Red or black.
Pink or purple.

Question 29:Yawn.... It's time to sleep! What do you sleep in?
My long sleeved shirt and pants... pajama style.
Whatever I'm wearing..or a pair of boxers.
A cute little pair of pajamas.
Something soft.
Lingere or silk.

Question 30:Okay, let's sleep!!
Yes, we must get up very early... early to bed and early to rise, they always say! ZzZzZzZz...
Nighty-night! *cuddles up to plushie and turns night light on*
Alright! ^-^ Goodnight. *tucks in under a blanket and falls asleep*
Aww... sleepy already? *pout*
Yeah, okay. *rolls over and closes eyes*

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