What's your "dere" type?

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Basically, this test will tell you how you love. This is not a sexuality test, though. This test tells you how you love over a period of time. So let's go!

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    Do you have a crush currently?

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515 days ago
I just got Yandere. Not that i expected something else-
I like that. And its absolutely true.;)
741 days ago
I get yandere for every single test wow my result on this one : What's your "dere" type? - Test results
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What's your "dere" type?
You are a yandere!

Ain't nobody messin' with your love because they know they have you to deal with! You and your crush are soulmates!
744 days ago
I am not a kundere i am a doredere!!! Half of the answers did not even match up to mine so i had to lie
1140 days ago
It said that I'm a yandere . . .
Pretty close, I actually a dorodere.
For those of you who are confused, dorodere is someone who acts sweet and innocent but in their head they are, how should I say it, mentally disturbed.
1311 days ago
I’m Tsundere not Kuudere BAKA
1514 days ago
I’m not a Tsundere B-BAKA