What sort of person are you?

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Simple question? Right? Wrong . Finding out who you are is something we should find out naturally and this is not a diagnosis . This is only a guide line it up to you what you do with the result

  • 1
    That one thing at dinner that you don't want someone to ask .I will ask now .
    Hows school?
  • 2
    How often do you get spanked?
    (in my case about once a month)
  • 3
    You see a kid fall in a puddle and get drenched

  • 4
    You get a bad school report, how do your parents react?
  • 5
    Someone pushes you purposely into a wall how do you react.
  • 6
    On the weekend what do you do

  • 7
    Your perants are mad at you because you got suspended what os your punishment .
  • 8
    You accidentally break your dads computer how does he react .
  • 9
    How do you get punished
  • 10
    Did you like this test

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1453 days ago
Why so much smacking ?
1473 days ago
A few typos in this quiz but I can understand the question. I got=you are a nice person.

Yeah.... I guess you could say that most of the time
1473 days ago
Test: What sort of person are you?

You are a nice person .
It's hard to be nice to everyone but you have that unique gift of being able to . I admire you I mean how do you do it .(especially when a wooden paddle is smacking your bare skin ) . Good on you .You can overcome these obstacles you face .

1474 days ago
Uh most of these questions didn't really apply to me... just so you know, but not like I could make a quiz, so good job on that. btw I got kind, thanks.