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Is it a grey rainy day? Are you bored? Are you in need of comfort? Here is a chill little quiz to hopefully brighten your day. Hugs! 💚

  • 1
    Hello beautiful! What is your favourite colour?
  • 2
    Flowers are pretty. So are you! If you were a flower which one would you be?
  • 3
    Imagine yourself in a field. What does it look like?

  • 4
    Pick up something soft and fluffy. What is it?
  • 5
    You are halfway through! Here is a hug 💚. Look outside. How many birds do you see?
  • 6
    Finish this poem: if I had wings and mountains too

  • 7
    If you woke up as a cat, what would be the first thing you do?
  • 8
    Listen to some music. What music is it?
  • 9
    Give someone a hug. Who is it?
  • 10
    This is the last question. It's been lovely to get to know you. Finish this sentence: I am happy because

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188 days ago
Yo creator sorry if I made you or anyone else who came here uncomfortable we were just idk being kids who had no where else to go but please whoever is reading this just ignore the messages and enjoy this cute quiz
289 days ago
I know this is selfish coming back here and whomever sees this I’m sorry just ignore me but I don’t understand anymore what the actual h#!L happened to you was it all a big lie just idek anymore man
358 days ago
Heh it’s funny it’s been so long I still haven’t forgotten you but I’ve thought about many things things that I’m not sure are true anymore you said you’re family got arrested that only took a few days but regardless of which country a trial takes a few months at least and I’ve seen people who have done so much less than what you told me and they were in for life you said they only got five years I’m not mad but I do miss you you’ve are still a hero to me I’m 14 now but I probably wouldn’t be here the way I am now with oout you you kept me so motivated not cut myself I only did it once but never again who knows the damage I would’ve done to myself with out you,I’m so glad even after all this time that I found you because you taught me that not everyone is bad you taught me that I don’t have to listen to the $h!t underneath my shoe you helped me become so strong against this horrific word through all of our conversation all of your experiences you told me about it’s made me so much more durable every time I came here I would worry for what happened to you next I’ve never and doubt I ever will feel such anxiety anger sadness but the aftermath of it all was so worth it I don’t regret a single decision I’ve made when it came to talking with you again I’m not sure what really happened if you k!//ed you’re self or if you’re family got to you or what and you’ll probably never see this but just know you’re still my friend and will always be ❤️‍🩹
460 days ago
No you’re not a ninja you’re an a$$a$$in didn’t know if that would get censored so there you go OwO (plays speed running music) and huh did he that actually is a very interesting experiment and what he mean by spoil sorry if I didn’t get it lol but he be a b-tch boi OwO but no you’re voice is beautiful I do not le care if you do not le care that I do not le care UmU nothing gonna change my mind and I’m part Italian we £uckers are stubborn so you won’t win dis battle of the ages you voice is like Beyoncé
460 days ago
yeS YeS i did,i am a ninja OwO and tbh idk why i told him that for fun i guess?i wanted to see his reaction,if he'd make a drama outta it and tell the whole house(not cause he cares for me and dont want me talkin to strangers cause he thinks im gonna SpOiL his sistor like dat(yes he's a b!1tch)and idc if u believe me about sounding like a roach(wait can roaches even talk?-)i sound like one and i am not proud to say that TvT
460 days ago
OHH that makes sense lmao don’t know why I didn’t get that XD and nu until I hear your bootiful voice I refused to believe you sound like a dying roach but oh Me fAm I sound like a sea lion when I laugh to the point where it gets on my nerves and no worries bout the late reply I actually just woke up so it’s gucci :) and oof but can I ask why you told him (sorry if I sound mad or smth I’m not I’m just curious sorry)and did you sneak his phone again lmao liKe a NinGa OwO
460 days ago
lmao nah ur not an !d!ot(if thats what u wrote lolz)dp means a d!ck pic lmao.And omg yes we should say that thats gonna teach them a lesson that we take no interest in nud3s(idk if thats gonna get censored soo-)and sure we could voice call but please know i sound like a dying roach(i mean i am a roach:>)and my laugh sounds like a motorcycle engine and my scream-yeah not talking about that tyvm and yeh my excuse on replying is kinda like that i told my friends brother(im sick of calling him mY FRiEnDs BrOtHEr lets call him stupid ugly b!1ch bc why not uwu)anyway i tell him i have to text ya but hes like nOpE nOpe ThaTs Not hApPeiN so he didnt give me his phone which is yuh
462 days ago
IM SO SORRY FORGIVE MEEE PLEASEE.My phone broke(cause i dont have a brain and i wanted to do stupid $hit)and i didnt know what to do and my friend doesn't have a phone so i had to ask her brother but hes an annoying a$$ so he didnt give it to me and its like 3 am i sneaked his phone(yeah u can consider that as stealing but i'll put it back)soo yeah that happened but im fine sorry i scared u,anndddd i'll see ur video so yuh(again im sorry i hope u can forgive me doe)
463 days ago
Yo please are you ok
464 days ago
I don’t know what’s going on and maybe it’s nothing and I’m being stupid and creepy but I hope you saw my newest video I mean every word and I’m sorry if I’m being to clingy or smth but just know I luv ya
464 days ago
Hey uh sorry if this is gonna sound weird but uh you alright
465 days ago
K don’t think he’ll take my iPad away just wanted to warn you lol
465 days ago
Ok uh my dad got mad and took my phone away and I’m not sure if he’ll take my iPad away but if he does it’ll be about a week I luv ya bro
467 days ago
Bro we should go to the beach together one day (sorry if that sounded creepy)and yus she was a god cat and Oml bro the jellyfish wanted a cuddle and yeah man’o wars are very poisonous and dangerous and can kill people but it was only a little one tho but ye he was just kinda chillin the I got up to my @ss in the water and put them in I did that like 11-12 times lmao i named everything single one Jerald and for some reason one Tina im so €ucking weird and I love it XD I also booped a dead crab but to be fair I didn’t know it was dead but it was just chill’in in a hole :’)
467 days ago
ayo i gotta go to the beach im bored the whole d@mn day like T-T and Roxy got magic powers she had cancer and stuff and still lived so long-oKayyYyyyYyyY im proud of her,and thats cute how u helped them and how the jelly fish got on ur hand instead of just stayin on da sea shell and if its like dangerous it still got on ur hand didnt do anything 🦄 talent
468 days ago
Yay I’m glad it helped UwU maybe he just needed some protein and nah it wasn’t useless and yes she was like 16-20 years old and was weird that she even lived that long cause she had cancer a kidney problem and a bunch of other stuff but I’m more than happy I got to spend that much time with her but yea I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore but I still miss her anyways I have a story ok so we we’re at the beach yesterday and the tide went out and there were a bunch of little man o’wars which are very dangerous jellyfish but I felt bad for them so I scooped them up on a stick then the stick broke so I used a like a sea shell and there was a bigger one that I picked up then it started falling off the sea shell on to my hand only on the jelly side not the tentacles so yea I walked out into the ocean with a jellyfish laying on my hand :D
468 days ago
thats so cute:/ but bro she gave babies before u were born so like she lived for 13+ years?aliright thats alot but yeah its good in a way that she died(istg im so sarry)cause then she wont have to suffer with all the pain and stuff yknow(sorry if this was useless idek)and i gave max some fish and he ate a bit of it and i think something was wrong with his taste buds before cause after i gave him fish he started eating more than usual and got kinda active soo thats gUd ty for helping btw UwU
469 days ago
Thanks I’ve calmed down a little bit a lot actually heh and ok I’ll try searching up some stuff that may help him and maybe he just needs rest ya’know but keep trying to get him to drink maybe try putting it in his mouth with a turkey baster but yeah she was full grown and had kittens in our garage before I was born so she was an old lady but she had a good life and yeah you’re right it maybe a while but but it still doesn’t hurt but I’d much rather her be gone than here and suffering she knew I loved her and that’s a that matters to me
469 days ago
ok its kinda low key relatable how u do $hit then get mad at urself but dont stress urself out it aint good TvT and uh i tried playing around with balls with him and strings but he kinda just backs off like :,) and he doesn't drink nor eat anything but i'll try again and nah it wasn't useless u helped cause i forgot he likes sea food so i'll try that)and again im sorry about Roxy pretty sure u had her for a long time and got attached to her so it probs hurt like hell when yall had to out her down(ik its been a while but still)
469 days ago
Lol it is kyoot in a horrific way :D but I’m good uh a little stressed and angry but I’m good I just kinda phsyc myself out then I get mad lol but seagulls are fun man :D and oh no I’m sorry but is he like ever eating or drinking moving?sorry if that was dumb but bro don’t be sorry he’s your baby just like how Roxy was mine but try giving him something he would really like,like maybe a little bit of milk only a little or some tuna again only a little but try to encourage him to move like get a piece of string and drag it around in front of him or hold him and cuddle him (sorry if that was useless but I’m trying thinking of things that he may like to do)