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I will describe you in 2 words with 92% accuracy.

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    What’s your favorite color?

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454 days ago
incorecct i am not innocent at all you 🐤 tard
456 days ago
I got calm and smart. Excellent deduction for smart but I'm more of an explosive anger and competitive type
457 days ago
how on earth did i get childlike and innocent. what does that make my friends??? embryolike and unsentient????
457 days ago
Childlike and innocent, it describes me lol
458 days ago
I got calm and smart. That would be better used to describe my best friend. I would probably be whatever I feel like being.
461 days ago
its not my fault i was timed
461 days ago
i got childlike and innocent no fair
461 days ago
Me: I'm a competitive and aggressive Slytherin 🐍
Quiz: you are childlike and innocent
Me: hey just because I have low self-esteem ☹️ and play video games 🎮 doesn't mean Im childilike and innocent ok 🤬 such a stereotype 🙄
462 days ago
Calm and smart. I'm not calm, I'm aggressive and competitive. Although I am kinda smart.
462 days ago
so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong so wrong
463 days ago
It was accurate for me. I got calm and smart = that is so fricking me
463 days ago
I think this was terrible and I'm gonna say 2 WORDS to describe it: Inaccurate and wrong!
464 days ago
the last question is the reason why i will send you a friend request :>