Personality Test
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Personality Test

Question 1:What is your favorite color?
Black and grey
Purple and pink
Blue and yellow
Green and blue
White and orange

Question 2:What is your favorite drink?
Beer and alcohol
Fruit punch and Coke
Root beer and Pepsi
Mountain Dew and Powerade
Water and coke

Question 3:What is your favorite genre of music?
Rock and punk
Classical and Country
Pop-rock and hip-hop
Hip-Hop and Rap
Pop and some other styles

Question 4:What is your favorite sport among those?
Self-Defense and wrestling
horseback riding and cheerleading
Figure skating and gymnastics
Soccer and football
None of these

Question 5:What is your favorite hobby among those?
playing with firecrackers and look for a partner
Danse parties and stay alone in your room
Shopping and hanging out with friends
Practice sports and hang out with friends
Read and study

Question 6:What kind of friends would you have?
Someone who is very humorous but also tempered
Someone who would only care about you and listen to everything you say
a friend who likes shopping and music as much as I do
a popular person who likes sport as much as you do
I don't want any friends

Question 7:Choose between those five options:
Fail a class like gym or art
Cry in your private room wishing that the person of your dreams would come to you one day
Write in your diary daydreaming
Practice a sport overtime

Question 8:If you had a chance to go back in your house in fire, what would you bring out?
Nothing, watching the house burn and laugh
My purse and photo of the person I like
My photo albums and time capsule
Nothing, stay out of danger
Getting my favorite books out of there

Question 9:If your partner broke up with you, what would you do?
Embarrasse him/her by telling everyone they're embarrassing moments with you
Cry in the bathroom
Be sad for a week and move on
Nothing, there are plenty of fishes in the ocean
Gee, I don't need any partner, the only thing they do is break your heart

Question 10:If want to ask someone out, what would you do?
Ask by msn or icq
Never ask out, I'm too chicken
Face-to-face, better face your nervousness than anything else
Ask face-to-face, if the person tuns me down, I'm movin' on baby!
Probably by phone

Question 11:What do you want to do in your future?
Be the world's greatest hero
Be a rich and spoil person
Be a singing star!
Win the stanley cup
Be a scientist

Question 12:What is your favorite food?
Fries and hamburgers
Fine cooked steak and a bowl of ice cream: strawberry and kiwi flavor!
Pizza and triple chocolat cake
Fast food and mint candy
Green apple is the best

Question 13:If you did a project of 4 pages, how would you hand it in?
In loose paper, the teacher won't care much
Stapled, buying a duo-tang cost much more
In a duo-tang and the cover page in a plastic cover
Never going to waste my time, going to give it in a duo-tang
Each page will be numbered with a table of contents and cover page all in a duo-tang

Question 14:What kind of clothing do you like to wear?
A t-shirt and pants or shorts are the only things I need to go to school.
I like to wear pants from one of those fancy style stores like Le Chateau
Casual dressing as a sweater, top and pants
Champion and Nike are the best!
Not going to waste on money on clothing, just a shirt and pants.

Question 15:For community service, what would you do?
Help mom do the dishes for 5 cents
Pick a bag of apples for my grand-mother
Help the teacher post up the bulletin board after school
Coach minor hockey players for free for an hour
Tutor a student who fails for free

Question 16:Where do you get money from?
Working at a fast food restaurant
My dad and mom, I don't need to work
At an amusement park during hot boiling days
Coaching childrens a sport
Tutoring or other simple work

Question 17:Choose between the five options:
I'm sick ! I'm stayin' home ! Yes !
Oh no, I have a huge pimple, better go see the doctor
I don't feel well today but we have a test in school, better go to school anyway
Oh No ! I'm sick and I have a competition tomorrow, better stay home and heal
I can't miss school today, I'd miss a lot

Question 18:There is a competition tomorrow afternoon, what would you do today?
Relax myself by watching tv
I can't do anything otherwise I risk a change of getting hurt and not participate
Practice overtime and warm-up for tomorow's competition
Practice and practice till tomorrow afternoon
Focus and my competition and set up strategies to win

Question 19:In the united states, hundreds of people died, what should I do to help?
Give a dollar, it is still something
Give a hundred dollar, they would recognize me as a good person
Giving blood helps
Giving few dollars is good
I don't have time to give anything

Question 20:What do you think of what people think you are?
A humorous person
A good person
Someone trustworthy
A popular
I don't care what other people think

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