What Kind Of Person Are You?
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What Kind Of Person Are You?

Use this quiz to find out if you're or all of the above!

Question 1:Your friends say you can choose where to go tonight. What do you choose?
A really popular club that promises a crazy night.
Check out the new fancy restaurant.
Order pizza and hang out watching movies at home.
I don't have time for friends....WORK WORK WORK
I go out to eat and bring some of the group home for an extended party

Question 2:You met a girl/guy that you really like. Why do you like this person?
Who cares? You lean over and give them a big kiss.
She/he is sooo nice.
There's just SOMETHING about her/him.
I don't meet new people.
I like people for who they are

Question 3:Which of these clubs are you a member of (or if none, which one are you MOST LIKELY to become a member of)?
I am my own club.
The art club and the fashion club
Karate club
Croquet club
I join clubs that I think will be fun, and if I'm wrong I drop them.

Question 4:My friends are most likely to describe me as
Strange and funny
Nice and caring
What friends?
My friends describe me however they want.

Question 5:Of the following words, which is your favorite?

Question 6:Someone just insulted you. What is the best insult to give back?
Your momma's so stupid she tried to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff.
I don't stoop down to their level
Same to you now get the heck out of my face!
Nobody is ever around to insult me.
I am universally liked, so no one insults me.

Question 7:Are you bored with this quiz yet?
Not really

Question 8:Which of the shows below do you like the most?
Real World
I don't believe in TV
The Simpsons

Question 9:Which of the people or groups mentioned below do you want to die the most?
The Gorrilaz
Michael J. Fox
I don't believe in disliking people
All of *NSYNC

Question 10:Where do you want to do tomorrow?
Skip school/work
Do what I am supposed to do.
Whatever I want in my head but I am being good on the outside
Tomorrow will blend into today.
I do anything!

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