The Color Quiz
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The Color Quiz

Are you purple? Maybe blue? Or a combination red/white? Each color means something!

Question 1:You go to the movie theatre, but the movie you want to see is sold out and you've seen the other movies. What do you do?
I buy tickets for the next screening.
I'll see what everyone else is seeing.
I go out and buy someone a gift.
Hell, what else can I do? I go home!
I go home and do a project.

Question 2:You are lost in the woods and don't know your way home. What do you do?
I talk to my animal friends!
I scream for help! SOMEONE HELP ME!
Duh,I make sure I am safe no matter what!
I set up a camp.
I make a smoke signal. *cough cough*

Question 3:You are being taken prisoner to a deserted and can bring ONE thing. What do you bring?
I bring a speed boat to escape!
I bring armor to protect my beautiful self!
I bring a cell phone to call people I love.
I bring a watch, or a compass.
I bring my best friend!

Question 4:A student from another country has joined your class, but he can't speak english. Everyone else ignores him. What do you do?
Why I kick him in his ***!!!
I teach him english and stick up for him.
I go home and tell everyone and anyone about him!
I ignore him, of course.
I learn his language and be friends.

Question 5:Everyone is following a fad. What do you do?
I compliment everyone.
I try to make a new fad. Then another one, and another...
I call all of the followers *******, so you better not pick A!
I follow it if I like it!
I follow it even if I HATE it! I gotta be cool!

Question 6:How would you describe yourself?
A person who likes to do their own thing.
Smart and hard-working.
Oh, I love everyone!
Cool, and I have the latest stuff.

Question 7:What would you think of as the ideal school?
What are you talking about? I wouldn’t even want a school!
A school where everyone did what I say!
A school where everyone were hard-workers.
A school where everyone does the same stuff.
A school where everyone got along!

Question 8:What do you do when you turn on the computer?
I design my own games.
I send kind e-mails to everyone!
I work on homework.
Send cookies to everyone!
Talk to people in a chat room.

Question 9:What do you ask for Cristmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa?
A new computer.
The latest thing.
MONEY! Other than that my list is 500 pages long!
World peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A home-made gift.

Question 10:What do you do for Valentine's Day?
I make my own cards for people.
I send hate-valentine's to everyone! HA HA!
Whatever anyone else is doing, I guess...
I tell everyone I love them!
I enjoy the parties I go to.

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