What Color Are You?
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What Color Are You?

Question 1:Your boy/girlfriend of six months breaks up with you suddenly. How do you react?
I hang out with my best friends for a while, and I flirt with other people-I’m way too good for my ex!
I mope in my room for weeks, refusing to talk to anyone-obviously, I’m a failure.
I act like it doesn’t bother me, and I get defensive when anyone asks about the breakup.
The relationship didn’t really matter to me. I have no reaction whatsoever.

Question 2:Out of these choices, which one of the comments do your friends say to you the most?
“Nothing ever bothers you!”
“You’re always in a great mood. How do you stay so positive?”
“Are you okay?”
“Maybe you should lighten up a bit…learn to take a joke!”

Question 3:What is your worst characteristic?
I intimidate people, so that they’re afraid to talk to me.
I usually go with the flow.
I can be annoying sometimes, with my constant talking.
Everything about me is pretty bad in one way or another…

Question 4:Your friends ask you to go to a movie on Saturday. What do you say?
“Um…I can’t go. Sorry.”
“A movie? I hope it’s not a chick flick…those gushy movies are so stupid!”
“Sure! Let’s not go to a movie, though…let’s go to the mall or something!”

Question 5:What type of clothes do you usually wear?
Bright clothes, usually yellows, oranges, and greens.
My own look…a rebel/punk thing.
Black, and sometimes a bit of red or brown.
Whatever the trend is…I follow all the latest styles.

Question 6:You get in trouble in class. What were you likely doing?
Looking through fashion magazines.
Trying to pierce my belly button with a safety pin.
Passing notes.
Giving someone the finger.

Question 7:What qualities do you look for in someone of the opposite gender?
Someone with a great sense of humor!
Oh, you know, good-looking and all that stuff…just a normal person.
Someone who has strong opinions about issues like global warming and freedom of speech.
A person who’s only interested in short-term commitment, because then they won’t break my heart.

Question 8:What’s your favorite animal, out of the following choices?
A puppy.
A rat.
A bull.
A dolphin.

Question 9:What type of music do you typically listen to?
Sad music…stuff you can really cry to.
Bouncy pop music that makes you want to dance!
The top 40 countdown on the radio every Sunday morning.
Rock, heavy metal, and anything else with a killer beat.

Question 10:If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one luxury item with you (meaning you already had food, water, and shelter), what would you choose?
A pillow and blanket.
My guitar or drum set.
Nothing…hopefully, I’d waste away on the island.

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