True Colors Personality Test

Answer the questions truthfully to find out whether you are a green, blue, orange or gold. If you don't answer truthfully, you risk getting an inaccurate result. You wouldn't want to waste your time, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the quiz and that it helps you learn more about yourself. Armed with self-knowledge (and therefore, the ability to overcome traits that can hold you back), your possibilities are almost limitless!

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    When I make decisions:

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48 days ago
Hey everyone
any blues out there?
colour wise by the way! LOL
67 days ago
Hi you fellow orangies
89 days ago
89 days ago
bruh i was blue🫠
95 days ago
hi guys I'm in 3rd period in. wnl help
104 days ago
i eat pumpkins all day
114 days ago
Kaletavious 💋
222 days ago
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292 days ago
my birthday in august 😋😋😋
292 days ago
293 days ago
I like pizza : )
319 days ago
what da dog doing he doing juicy fruit cracks
319 days ago
447 days ago
No No No No No No No
450 days ago
451 days ago
ms wood science class lmao washington lee
460 days ago
when you guys got green what was the meaning because i didn't see it then it went away so can you guys tell me exactly what it said.
465 days ago
im sana sana sana sana sana sana
465 days ago
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466 days ago