True Colors Personality Test

Answer the questions truthfully to find out whether you are a green, blue, orange or gold. If you don't answer truthfully, you risk getting an inaccurate result. You wouldn't want to waste your time, right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the quiz and that it helps you learn more about yourself. Armed with self-knowledge (and therefore, the ability to overcome traits that can hold you back), your possibilities are almost limitless!

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    When I make decisions:
    When I make decisions:

Comments (133)


15 days ago
I have been a Blue forever until this test and the result was green
70 days ago
blue some time when i to go off track i tends to stay to my self. Try to see how can i get out the problme im in.
70 days ago
I got green, but honestly I don't like this quiz I'd prefer more selections than what they give us
76 days ago
I thought I was going to be purle.
78 days ago
I never knew that I’ll be orange
79 days ago
i am green i thought i would be red
97 days ago
My bad I did the test wrong I am Green Analytical, Global, Conceptual, Cool, Calm, Collected, Logical, a Problem-solver, Abstract, Creative, Investigative.
97 days ago
dang i thought id be blue
97 days ago
I think I am yellow.
98 days ago
I am Orange. It says that I like to be independence and freedom, to utilize my physical coordination and to work with tools
98 days ago
I am Orange. I am independence an freedom, to utilize your physical coordination and to work with tool.
120 days ago
ooo i got green
140 days ago
the blue is of all why the other colors
167 days ago

Witty, charming, spontaneous, impulsive, generous, impactful, optimistic, eager, bold, physical, immediate, courageous.

You like your independence and freedom, to utilize your physical coordination and to work with tools.

In love, you like to share interests and activities with your love interest. You like to explore new ways to energize your relationship. You love giving extravagant gifts to bring pleasure to your love interest.

As a kid, you might have had trouble fitting into the school routine. You learned better by experience than by listening or reading. You were motivated by your competitive nature and your sense of fun.
This makes sense, orange is my favorite color.
173 days ago
green is my color just like
173 days ago
green is my color just like money
180 days ago
Got green it suits my smart and responsible side
181 days ago
I love teal cause it’s very cute and I wear the color all the time well sometimes
190 days ago
I got orange I thinks it's the right fir.
192 days ago
i got orange and it fits me pretty good.