What color suits you best?
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What color suits you best?

Are you red, blue, black, or none? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:   You’re at a party. A snotty girl insults your outfit. Do you:
laugh it off
attack her
say, "What meaning has an outfit in the vast eternities of time?"

Question 2:   You're still at the party. The hostess asks you what you would want to have as your last meal on Earth. Do you:
say, "Why? Are you threatening me?" and attack her
immediately rattle off a menu- you've thought about it a lot.
start thinking about it and answer politely after due consideration

Question 3:   You're driving home. You see the snotty girl from before driving by. Do you:
run into her a couple of times for revenge
wave at her and say Hi
ignore the mortal who is far below your notice

Question 4:   You go home to your empty house. You've tried to rent it out to a roommate but no one wants to live with you, because:
the last seven people in a row were mysteriously murdered when they stole your chips
people are naturally cautious about sharing a dark and dreary haunted house with a pale morbid person who looks a bit like a vampire
no one wants to live with a perky sweet cross between their mother and their therapist

Question 5:   6. It’s all over the news. It’s making headlines. An alien spaceship is landing! It’s not a hoax or a joke. Some people are convinced they want peace. Some think they are dangerous. Some want to send an ambassador to them while others want to send a missile. When someone asks what you think about the aliens, you say:
"Shoot first, ask questions later."
"I think we should send someone up to talk to them. I can't imagine them hurting us."
"My people have come for me at last!"

Question 6:   What is your favorite game or sport to play?
It's a tie between 3D Bobbleflar Chess and Battle-axe Tag.
Bull-fighting. Or wrestling- to the death.
Oh, any game with my friends and family.

Question 7:   What does your room look like?
Do you mean my cave?
It's nice, neat, and perfectly organized.
A tornado hit it. Me.

Question 8:   If you were transported into a fairy tale, you would be
the damsel in distress.
the knight in shining armor.
either the evil wizard or the fire-breathing dragon.

Question 9:   If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go?
Somewhere nice and tame, with my friends and family.
My home planet.
Spain, in the bull-fighting ring. Torro, torro!

Question 10:   If you were a book, what kind of book would you be?
A book of nice poetry or maybe a fairy tale book.
Science fiction or fantasy.
Adventure! Or maybe horror. Those are bloody.

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