What color should you wear?

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What color matches you and your aesthetic?

  • 1
    Do you normally have your nails done?
  • 2
    Where would you want to take an Instagram picture?
  • 3
    What color would you HATE to wear?

  • 4
    Do you like biker shorts?
  • 5
    What kind of makeup do you wear?
  • 6
    What style bathing suits do you go for?

  • 7
    Which is your favorite store out of these?
  • 8
    What season is your favorite, fashion wise?
  • 9
    What season out of January, February, March, April, May would you want to dress like?
  • 10
    Now out of June, July, August, September.

  • 11
    October, November, December
  • 12
    What day of the school week would you dress up for?
  • 13
    Which fruit matches your aesthetic?
  • 14
    What's your favorite color? (no, the color you pick as your favorite does not match which color profile it will be as the one you wear; so if you pick your favorite as black, that does not mean that that answer gives you a point towards black as what color you should wear)
  • 15
    What kind of top would you want to wear the most out of these?
  • 16
    Same thing but with pants:

  • 17
    Now a shorts version:
  • 18
    What patterns would you want to wear the most out of these?
  • 19
    Pick another pattern:
  • 20
    What do you want to get as your recommendation?

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937 days ago
Ooohhhhh Sunshine Yellow!!! Yellow is my fav colorrrrr!
1140 days ago
Nice quiz, but why doesn't this have every color?
1223 days ago
First hehe this is cool I got sunshine yellow ☀