What is my favourite colour? (ACCURATE RESULTS)

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Are you indecisive about your favourite colour? It’s alright, this test will help you find a favourite colour! Out of red, yellow, pink, blue, and grey/black, which one is it? Take the test to find out your true colour.

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    What is your favourite season?

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108 days ago
*color quiz*

Meant to put that there, sorry 😞
108 days ago
Black and grey—I have to say, this quiz was really worth taking. Whoever is the creator of this—this is probably my favorite color so far, good job!
137 days ago
I meant pink btw* ❤
137 days ago
Second time in a row still aqua and Link ughh
137 days ago
MY fave colours are yellow,blue and Beige
137 days ago
I SO hate pink and aqua this is fake!
268 days ago
Hey it got yellow but my fav color pink so lol
293 days ago
My favourite colour is Blue and the result "accurately" guessed it.
416 days ago
i got pink/ aqua
everwhere else said black
but my fav. colors r black and pink lol
442 days ago
I didn't get my favourite colour, my answer was yellow, but my favourite colours are orange/blue. It's okay, though, I understand this quiz is just for fun, and that you aren't magical or anything to be able to make the quiz 100% accurate. I loved the quiz, and I hope you make more :)
524 days ago
Btw I didnt mean it in a rude way x
524 days ago
So basically I got pink/Aqua but my favourite colour is purple? Thanks alot, make them more accurate next time ☹
538 days ago
This was so accurate. My favourite colour is aqua and i got pink/aqua
605 days ago
Thanks so much for your feedback, Lisymel. I’m glad you liked my quiz, and thanks for understanding that the answers may not be correct.
605 days ago
This is just a test to take for fun, it may not be true. I’m sorry that your results did not please you, Very Very Very Angry.
614 days ago
615 days ago
My favourite colour is green, my result was pink/aqua. Not exactly correct, but it was a fun quiz! Beautiful descriptions 💚