What color are you on the inside?

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Can I guess your inner color? And no, not like your liver or heart, but your natural hue. Let's see what your inner color says about you! 🎨

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    What candy would you choose? 🍬

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1019 days ago
My results isThat's right, you got black/purple! You are a mysterious figure in many peoples lives. People want to be close to you but sometimes feel intimidated. It's okay though, you have a few friends that you are close with. You do have a very nice side though, even if you only let a few people see it. Lmao I thought I was lost on the website.... My internet suddenly lost!!!! Anyway. I like the results So much fun!!!🙂
1122 days ago
Thank you to anyone who takes my test! I love each and everyone of you and you all shine brighter than a thousand stars. Show off you inner colors in style.