The Bri Theory - Are You Ready For This?

Rated one of the best multidimensional personality tests on the web, you can’t go wrong when taking this fun and easy "Bri Theory" Quiz. It delivers a full analysis, future predictions, and advice! Based on the upcoming book, "Ideas For The Idle Minded," you know this quiz will give you accurate answers to identify what your personality traits equal up to in a psychological diagnosis of your personality. Take this test and BE HONEST and the results might just shock you! This scientifically researched; analyzed, and accurate personality test will specifically break down your personality traits by your responses to researched psychology questions to give you a fully personalized analysis fitting your personality. Take it and see what your quirks add up to!

  • 1
    Important question:
    Out of the numbers provided, which do you think best describes you? (Not based on a scale rating...just a number you favor over most.)
    Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 34, or 100

    Important question: Out of the numbers provided, which do you think best describes you? (Not based on a scale rating...just a number you favor over mo
  • 2
    You got locked in an ABANDONED gas station bathroom by accidentally jamming the door when closing it. The only things in this room are a small broken sink lying on the floor, a toilet, toilet paper, an open window with bars over it, a can of Lysol, a fire alarm initiator on the ceiling, a dusty scrunchie on the floor, two dead cockroaches, and a trash can. The only things you have with you are your wallet, car keys, a bobby pin, mints, hand sanitizer, a piece of paper, pen, gum, a box of 32 matches and a carton with four cigarettes in it. What do you do?
  • 3
    What color do you like most of the following: black, blue, red, purple or green?

  • 4
    Where would you build your house?
  • 5
    Which BEST describes your goals in life?
  • 6
    Which LEAST describes your goals in life?

  • 7
    HOT is to COLD as ______is to YOU.
  • 8
    Which meats do you prefer?
  • 9
    What time of day are you inclined to have the most energy?

  • 10
    Sunset or sunrise?

  • 11
    Half-empty or half-full?
  • 12
    If you found out that your husband/wife/fiancé has been involved in a private affair with your accountant for over two months now, what scenario would best describe your first reaction?
  • 13
    If you had to choose your method of death, which would you choose?
  • 14
    What genre of books do you prefer?
  • 15
    What film genre do you prefer?
  • 16

    STOP is to POTS as 3456 is to______.

  • 17
    Idiosyncratic means________.
  • 18
    Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • 19
    You fell in love with someone you have known for at least 10 years and you finally are going to marry him or her. After two years of a successful marriage, your husband/wife calls you at work telling you they want to tell you something very important that they feel could crucially affect the relationship between the two of you. They decide they want to tell you over a special dinner. You drive home anxiously pondering what it could possibly be that is so important and imperative to the sturdiness of your marriage. After coming home, getting dressed in your best, driving with your husband/wife to the fanciest restaurant and sitting down in the best seats in the house, ordering your favorite meal and having a fantastic dinner, the topic finally arises when your husband/wife is about to tell you what they have been awaiting the right time to tell you. "Honey, there is something you should know about me," your husband/wife starts out. FREEZE. What first comes to mind?
  • 20
    What if your husband/wife told you they were a transvestite? What would your reaction be?

  • 21
    What food would your friends describe you as?
  • 22
    If you were to die and could come back as something, which of these would you choose?
  • 23
    Think of an image for three seconds. What type of image was it?
  • 24
    In a crowded room, you are:
  • 25
    What first attracts you to someone?
  • 26
    Which of the following would you prefer to do in your spare time?

  • 27
    Confidence is something you:
  • 28
    The sky is:
  • 29
    What part(s) of the body of the opposite sex is/are most appealing to you?
  • 30
    Love to you is:

  • 31
    If someone came up to you and said they were going to kill your child if you didn't assassinate the president, what would you say to that person? (Assume you have children.)
  • 32
    FUNNY LAST QUESTIONS: You had a very long, drawn out, exhausting day at the office or at school and you are just waiting for the clock to strike the hour you leave. The moment finally comes and you are so anxious to leave your bland misery that you are the first person to leave. In all the excitement, you accidentally trip and fall horribly on the ground. You:
  • 33
    FUNNY RANDOM PERSONALITY QUESTION: It's a warm, sunny day. It is also your PAYday. You decide you should hurry over to the bank before it closes to make a hefty withdrawal and then head on over to that date you were planning with your girlfriend/boyfriend just in time to see your favorite movie or show. You have your day all planned out, but once you arrive, there is an agonizingly long line to the very counter you have to wait for. You are waiting in line for two hours. You have missed your date with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your favorite television show. You want to leave but you just can't muster the thought of wasting all of your time and not get to withdraw your money. After what seems to be an eternity, you are finally next in line. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, this friendly-faced old lady with bifocals, a walking cane, a large shopping bag, and a purple wig on backwards cuts in front of you. She empties out the contents in her shopping bag and they are all pennies. Almost 50,000 pennies from a glance. She pushes her pennies toward the clerk and says, "I would like to exchange these pennies for 498 one dollar bills and change please?"The clerk nodded jollily. You:
  • 34
    LAST QUESTION: After the old lady moves, you finally make it to the clerk. When get out your card and ask for a withdrawal, she says those painful words: "This is a DEPOSIT line only." And she points to the line to the right, which is practically 8 MILES LONG. You:

Comments (94)


17 days ago
Transvestite thing is a bit dodgy, what???? Some people are trans, but that's transgender, not transvestite. Transvestite is where you dress non stereotypically to your gender (e.g a girl dressing in a suit, more like a man)
17 days ago
Oh my gosh

cool!!!! Mostly really accurate, from what I see
Couple of things wrong - I collaborate, not work independently, but wowundefinedundefined
31 days ago
OMG i agree with all of yous!!! It's so accurate. The questions were kinda long to read (some of them)
95 days ago
Omg scary accurate, I'm personality d
96 days ago
This is so true it's crazy!!!!!
125 days ago
This is so accurate its creepy. i rlly am a cheese hybrid.
181 days ago
Hey buffet I am a ♍️ virgo
181 days ago
I got Shentopios and my intelligence level is average
201 days ago
Wow I got the 40% one ^_^ Also I agree with you Lily, this is pretty accurate!
209 days ago
Why is this so accurate it's kinda creepy haha
402 days ago
Ok, looking forward to getting my results so I can get back to surfing the WEB!
436 days ago
This is very accurate. Why are you telling me to not wear black on this friday (That's a little coincidental, I won't tell you why) and to drink hot lemonade with salt?? ARKANSAS! I AM CONFUSION. So no, I won't drink that and I dont realaly have any black clothes anywayyy... maybe a few? IDK YOU SO CREEPY!
519 days ago
Any one else get pensive wanderer?
543 days ago
I got The Cheese Hybrid and it was very accurate and when I say accurate I mean VERY accurate. The personality that was explained described me correctly and I loved how it included how smart you are and I loved that I was 8.6- 9.6 (semi genius). But one question, why can't I wear black this Friday? Overall I loved this quiz!💖
546 days ago
I agree with citrus. What the hell were those options?
611 days ago
OMG!!! She/he was right about my results. only question is, why can't I wear black this Friday????????????? Its going to snow probably lol, but why can't I wear my fav color????!!!!!!!oh, and thank u so much.
611 days ago
What was the question about "transvestites?" Not only is that term outdated, offensive, and transphobic - the options for the question were so weird and inappropriate. The only marginally acceptable reaction, "thanks for being honest so i didn't find out the hard way," is phrased like it's shameful and detrimental. What even is the hard way? What are they implying?
650 days ago
And I'm Malfoy. D R A C O M A L F O Y !
654 days ago
Anyone else get the Judicius Rationalizer (did I even spell that right)?
668 days ago
I mean the quiz was fine, but on the transvestite thing, you should be a little more considerate because some people are trans and that could be hurtful