What Is The Meaning of Life?

This is intended to be a thought-provoking quiz that will help you look within yourself to discover your own unique philosophy on life. What is your purpose in the world? How do you view life? 20 questions. Will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

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    In which way would you like to make a difference in the world?

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137 days ago
Wow, what a great quiz! The questions asked are very relevant.
163 days ago
God seems like a scam to me
172 days ago
im not a sociopath either
500 days ago
574 days ago
i have a dark life and no im not a sociopath because i have the worst life ever.
600 days ago
Privacy popup after EVERY QUESTION!
This needs to be fixed ASAP.
674 days ago
I have depression and suicidal thoughts. None of the choices for the questions really felt quite right. Please make me happy by reading and commenting on my to names: TOPtenLIST & PERSOnalityQUIZ Thank you.
682 days ago
๐Ÿค these comments looking a lil nasty lol๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
729 days ago
My result is truly accurate. Great quiz!
730 days ago
I am a substance abuse the๐Ÿฆ„. I have been developing my own curriculum for years, based on the idea that addiction is due to lack of connection, love and purpose in today's society. I am blown away to discover Logotherapy and the depths of Victor Frankyls perceptions. These questions I found in line with his theories. The conversations I'm reading in this thread are a perfect representation of what I'm discovering at the core of addiction. Not to put anyone down, we've all been trained to be judgemental and willfully arrogant. I'm speaking of myself as well, I am no better, shoot I'm most likely more screwed up then everyone in this thread. Yes I get the 42 reference. Love that book. What I mean by willfully arrogant is that we are trained to believe the information I have is the correct information, my opinions are based in truth. When in fact I know less then nothing on almost every context. I'm saying that the over abundance of bad information I have, leaves me understanding less truth then if I was building a unique opinion on no information, needing to educate myself without the history of excessive biased info. I work daily on mindfulness, continually discovering my hypocrisy and arrogance. The only thing I'm ever right about is, I'm never right about anything. My heartfelt love to you all
816 days ago
Can't we all let people believe what they believe even if we don't agree with them, and not try to change people's opinions? If you're a missionary then go ahead go to some other country or your own country but since I doubt anyone here is... how about we all stop arguing about what is true when some people won't change their beliefs no matter what they see? I came across this a while ago. Please. Don't call people names! I don't agree with like half the people here but that doesn't mean I have to get mad! The author obviously believed in God, but why... I'm not going anywhere anymore so please just think about it
826 days ago
You can believe what you believe, and have your own opinions, but that doesn't mean that it's true. About the whole God thing, there's nothing to prove that God exists, but there are things that disprove that...
And there IS a thing called science, which is facts. Nothing but facts. Nothing made up, just facts. (I'll stop with the facts now.)
Where did everything come from?
The Big Bang...
You get my point by now.
And for the last time, yes you can believe what you want, so don't come at me saying I'm against you or anything. But it's all opinions, not facts. And just because you believe something doesn't mean it's true; I could say that I believe in something I just made up on the spot, and that doesn't make it real. (And I hope that people who believe in god don't have issues with people who believe in fairies or whatever, because it's basically the same - an opinion of what's real, but it isn't necessarily real.)
And what IS the meaning to life? 42, obviously. (Please somebody know what I mean!)
Yes I did click on this quiz out of boredom in the middle of the night just so I could comment about the 42 thing.
The whole god debate got in the way though...
Sorry about that. Have a great day, night, morning, etc.
I'm not trying to be offensive or disrespectful, just to tell the truth. The facts.
873 days ago
u believe what u belive guys. no one can say otherwise , no matter what religious figures or scientists say. So mabey we should calm down and consider other people's options and beliefs. No one is wrong or right, we're all human.
1098 days ago
God is real!!! If he isn't were did people come from? And everything else?
1102 days ago
The big bang is what started life guys. God is a story. (Just my opinion)
1102 days ago
Yeah, you have your opinions and I'll have mine. Zac is so cute. God isn't real.
1229 days ago
1231 days ago
1324 days ago
you are not saying truth about me i believe on my god
1336 days ago
It said my Life is Beautiful, Not true..